A civilized discussion about Fire Breath and Aftershock against lesser picked medic and support combinations

Ok, before we start, I’d like that if you are going to disagree (or agree) just for the sake of doing so, without an actual argument to not participate. By that I mean I do not want to see any non-content replies like these:

So you want the monster players to be punished for doing something that counters your team from killing/winning?

story of the century boy loses and now time and space should be bent to his will >.> because he says soo

By the way you’ve been here since Dec of 14. I’ve been here since July of 14.

That include “Not every combo should synergise” and “monsters suffers enough”.
Put some thought into it. Come with facts. Contribute to the discussion.

Ok, let’s start:

Fire Breath and Aftershock are two un-dodgeable attacks. The standard justification of this is that both attacks, well mainly fire breath, does not do too much damage too fast and can therefor be out-healed and are therefore balanced, which is not wrong. With a meta comp consisting of Hank and Caira/Slim, that is not a problem, but there are two medics that have issues with this: Val and Lazarus.

Fire Breath and Aftershock cannot be out-healed, nor dodged by neither of these two medics, which mean that Fire Breath and Aftershock alone can break these two characters down, without needing to use, or sometimes, land multiple, if any other abilities. These two attacks are enough to kill these two characters by themselves.

This is, of course, unless you pick Hank. Sunny is also effective against Aftershock and somewhat effective against Fire Breath. But in my opinion the hunters should not be forced to choose a certain combination to even be able to win. Some characters synergies better than others, but Lazarus and Bucket or Cabot and Val against an equally skilled monster that is aware of the perks with these two un-dodgeable attacks is secured victory the moment the characters are locked in.

So, I would like to try to either directly suggest, or at the very least discuss the possibility of re-balancing these two abilities so that they are avoidable at the cost of perhaps dealing more damage or having greater utility.

As an example, while using Fire Breath Goliath’s head movement could be restricted to a couple of degrees in turn for greater damage/wider spread or lighting a character on fire for a longer duration.

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Pretty funny to see a Goliath burn you by sticking his head through his armpit.

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It feels like fire breath has a much bigger radius then is actually shown.

Fire Breath is certainly annoying and undodgable, but generally I’ve thought it balanced due to giving up slots for more damaging skills.

With the recent changes making lvl 3 skills weaker and lvl 1 skills stronger, I worry that it may be too powerful as undodgable damage.

Lazarus is just weak in general though, and Val could possibly use some form of buff.

Aftershock can be dodged with two dodges, I think, though the fact that Lightning Strike also requires two dodges makes the balance of the skill very questionable.

Kraken is generally problematic though with his ability to stay airborne whenever he feels like it and how CC does next to nothing against him.

Many of Kraken’s balance issues could be resolved by letting Trappers meaningfully restrict his movement, including Aftershock bombing.

Well I think with a great team you can reliably save ppl from aftershock without Epic Beard Man or Sunny if your team has great positioning and is using Griffin or maybe Jack. But I guess that would just kind of be tradeing a neccesary Support for a neccasary Trapper, but hey its something right.

You can kind of kite Goliath around something to avoid some of his fire breath but apprently shielding a burning hunter won’t extinguish him anymore which is kind of another reason to not pick Hank, but hell it’s probably still not a good enough reason. You don’t always have something to cover yourself from the flames with and CC doesn’t really stop it since the reach of the 3 pt flames is mighty and he can move while using it. Which usually means you have to tank it or fly up and out of range with Sunny. Not to mention flame breath has tons of utility to go along with the damage so I gotta agree it’s a little too good against supports other than Hank and Sunny. But I really need to get some high levels games under my belt to know for sure

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Self sustainability.

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I’ve mentioned a couple times before but AS needs to return to pre patch radius. I think the kraken also shouldn’t be able to cast in air and drop quickly, it’s movement should be slow like when acted on the ground.

Just thought of another AS idea, maybe make it where you cast when it actually harms the hunters. So you hold it down and the longer you go it reaches its max potential, or if you release early it’s not as strong.

Fire breath a similar idea as my last AS. Initial couple of seconds is much stronger than the back end of the attack.

Edit: I no longer like my second AS idea.

Aftershock needs its radius buff taken and given to Leap Smash where it belongs. ;_;

My god, the day when the Medgun heals herself at a lower rate would be marvelous.