A city map


I think it would be cool to have a map set in a city. Maybe they’ve captured a monster for studying purposes and it has escaped, that would allow them to use that as a choice. So the monster player starts off escaping a building out into the city. The end game could be him breaking into an armored room (similar to how long it takes to destroy the relay) and killing the scientists that have. been running experiments on it.


But they are not from earth… so why did they bring a captured monster to anoter planet :slight_smile:


Then whichever planet they want to put it on that was colonized.


Even if it wasn’t earth an abandoned city type map where wildlife has taken over, say like in the movie I AM LEGEND. That would be really cool too.


Yea would be cool, still 6 ish maps to reveal. Who knows ^^


That’s exactly what I was thinking


Obviously caves can be made from destroyed building Godzilla style.


They mentioned colonies in another thread, its possible something like this could exist in the future. Not like urban like we know it though.


Subway and sewer tunnels.


There is a city map


Here is @Matthew said about city/colony things not too long ago.


That still doesn’t fly in the face of my idea, that they captured one to study. I’m just saying they could make it happen.


What kind of madmen would try to capture one of these monsters?!


Humans :smile: that’s how we roll.


Well, Lazarus DOES say he wants to try the Revivifier on a dead monster. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think this necessarily means we won’t have a city map, mainly just that the remaining populations aren’t centered around city locations because they’ve mostly been evacuated, (correct me if I’m wrong here). If there was some sort of necessary resource centered around an urban area I’m sure they would have a small crew stay and run a factory or some such location.


I want a city map just so I can relive my Rampage video game days :slight_smile: Please put some edible human treats in the windows as well!


Make it 2 player monster co-op and i’m in!


RAMPAGE <333333 best game everrr


Not sure if it counts, but there is a nice little cottage on The Armory map, and I saw one in some trailer footage on a forest map too! Imagine sitting on your porch, watching the clouds go by, and suddenly a Goliath goes rampaging by, then a few minutes later, the hunters go jetting past in the same direction. Just another day on shear.