A Change to the Hunter Evacuation Ending


I was thinking, should Turtle Rock make an update to Evolve’s hunter evacuation ending. I am satisfied with the game, but the ending for the hunters is a little short, I want to see what happens to them after the hunting on Shear. Where are they now? How many hunters survived? Are they stranded on the planet or not? A lot of these components are missing from the ending? I would like to give it a better ending or at least a video that we can watch. Maybe after every hunting season is finished? I think doing that is just fine. What does everyone else think? Do you think they should add more to the ending, or keep it the same way in the game?


We actually do sort of know…, the tiers are released in order, so after the ship left and everything looked bad, the hunters from tier 4 show up and save them, but they are stranded on the planet. Now, as they are searching for the equipment needed to leave, they’re finding the t5 members one by one


But is it confirmed?


Yes, I don’t have a quote or anything, but there are some hunter dialogues about it


Yes, from in-game dialogue we can piece together this information and find out that they are looking for a Patterson Drive, something that will get them off-world.


Yup. As they said, that’s where the story is.

The story is spread out throughout the dialogue and characters and there’s some stories on here too. And it’s quite in depth.

The only thing that isn’t story related are adaptations. Although the monsters could probably be Canon if they wanted to since you know, genetics and rapid evolution


Or, you know, too much radioactive dust tagging… lol


I think that the Evac ending should be updated with tier 4 and 5, cuz everytime I lose to a behemoth on the last day I’m like,
“Did Behemoth not feel like destroying the hunters in the last scene.”


No such thing as too much dust tag. :stuck_out_tongue:

Godzilla goliath adaptation confirmed!


Tier 4 arrived on the 4th or 5th day of Evacuation I think, so I’m not sure why they don’t help. Don’t quote me on that.

Tier 5 wouldn’t make sense because they met The Crew after Evacuation and are trying to get out by finding a Patterson device.


No. Evac was 5 days. T4 came after,then T5.
Hunters are stuck on Shear (all of them) until they can aquire a Patterson drive and escape the planet.
That sounds like a cool concept for a sequel. :wink:


or for another planet of maps.




The monsters initially appeared on Shear between Febuary 4th and 9th in 2379. Evacuation started in Febuary 10th with the arrival of the initial 12 hunters. The initially 7 days of the attack were only Goliaths. New monsters appeared throughout the next few days in the order of Kraken -> Wraith -> Behemoth. Tier 4 hunters joined the group in the later days of the evacuation. Crow and Slim joined as a pair, as did Sunny and Torvald. The evacuation ended when the last transport ship escaped on Febuary 15th. The hunters remained stranded on Shear, and are currently seeking a Patterson Drive to escape. In the unspecified window of time following the evacuation, the tier 5 hunters joined the group. Jack and Emet were together, while Lennox was alone. This is also the timeframe when Gorgon first appeared.


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