A Chance to be "President"


Okay so I’ve had so much fun doing polls, I’ve decided to start doing a brand new just for fun forum presidential election
To be considered for candidacy you must be a leader or greater (so yes I’m not eligible lol)
LEADERS AND MODS THAT ARE INTERESTED: if you wish to announce your desire to be added to the ballot simply post a comment below and I will make note to add you to the ballot. As soon as all candidates have expressed their interest to be considered for election I will ask a mod (for example @SledgePainter) to close the thread and move it to the presidential poll thread.

Presidency will last for three months and I will host a new election at the end of those three months. The current president will be re-entered into the ballot and has no limitations to number of times to run.

Okay so that being said I hope y’all have fun with this idea and let the candidates present themselves!

Edit: since leaders and mods aren’t coming forth in enough numbers, Regulars are now eligible! ^.^

What doesn't kill you, makes you stranger (Scary/Clown images. Caution.)
Closed Poll: MaddCow wins Presidency!

…President? What are you up to, mate?



Just for fun stuff :slight_smile: are you interested


What does being “president” entail?


The satisfaction of winning really, I don’t have authority to grant forum titles lol


Lel. So it’s just sort of…hey there, you can…say you’re the president?

@Shin, do it.


Yup, bragging rights essentially!


i would like Elizabeth Warren to be president, right now shes fighting to get money out of Washington, shes the only one the cares for the ppl atm


I vote for our rightful lord and savior, Tony Abb- WAIT A SECOND.


I vote for Arnold.

Arnold fo life! :heart:


you know he almost destroyed california >.> terrible terrible choice


Oh, so -that’s- why they call him the terminator, …


Sannom I see you have a new profile pic, interested in candidacy? ^.^


I don’t think Cali cared they just saw an actor and flipped like sheep


Smooth, Xkr. Better than just up and yelling “O hai dare du yew wanna b da perssidant?”


Are you mocking me for being southern 'Murican?


No. In fact when I typed that I imagined a Chinese accent.


Lol @shin would know how that could be misread for Americans in the south


Hush. Shinji is asleep. Don’t wake him.