A Challenge Suggestion


I love the challenges, but the one thing that they’re missing that I would love to see is some sort of progress bar. There was a data analyst periodically giving us updates for the bucket challenge, which tells me that somewhere, there is a place the devs can check in on the status.

This bar could potentially go at the top of the forum, so that it was easily seen. Or possibly at the start menu in game. If you agree, give the page a like so we can boost it to the top!


Yass plizz.


I want this as well. O.o


This is the best idea ever…of all time

And maybe more people will be aware of events other than the tiny little news feed ya only see for 3 seconds lol


Agreed but put it at the end of matches in the post game stats screen too, so people can see how far we are. They could even put a little sparkle on the characters who are part of the event to entice people to choose them.


Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh. I get the reference!

Man, Washington is a great place, isn’t it? :wink:


I was also thinking that it might be best to have some sort of announcements page the first time someone boots the game up when a challenge is going. Similar to the way CoD used to announce new DLC packs or something. (and shame on me for referencing CoD)