A call for more maps


We need new maps. If we can somehow add 3-4 brand new, balanced HUNT maps, I think that would really help breathe new life into the game. Who’s with me?


As much as I would enjoy new maps, I don’t think it’s the content that the vast majority of people who still play the game want. People are vastly more interested in new characters or variations of characters.


New maps would be nice, and in my dream universe TRS has the staff and funding to work on new characters/adaptations, maps, and wildlife. Unfortunately we live in this universe, where they are a small dedicated team who have to work on what people come back for most of all, and that is new characters/adaptations, and Title Updates. I do want new maps, don’t get me wrong, but new maps aren’t THE answer, they are a tertiary consideration at best, given what TRS has to work with.

The murder pit maps were gorgeous and unique in design, and often overlooked by those who only play hunt 2.0. I want new maps at that level of detail, which take time and effort. Moving their focus to new maps now, might only result in homogeneous maps introduced in a hurry to satisfy the demand, or in long delays on things like TU’s, bug fixes, balance changes, and new characters.


I’m sure many want more maps, as do I.

My suggestion would be different types of maps. I love the Broken Hill maps because they’re so different from the other maps, with them having more human buildings and whatnot.

I’m interested to see what they come up with next.


I’d love some new maps. If they do make new maps I’m kinda hoping it’s gonna be off Shear to progress the story.


we cannot even get a balance patch and you are asking for maps.


Yeah, cmon, we’re not getting anymore balance patches.


They are putting together a balance hotfix that they want to bring out sooner than the TU.


As much as that map is stunning, it also causes frame rate issues for a lot of people. There’s too much going on that requires too much from any casual PC.

The Broken Hill Mines and Foundry however… I loved those two maps. The mines more than the foundry, because of the more natural feel to it; compared to the humanity that’s constantly there on the foundry.


You know I was just thinking about that but too long ago. I would love to get a few new maps as well. Maybe another underground one with a “spider den” feel to it. Creepy webbing everywhere. Some unique spider wildlife exclusive to that map. In rescue you could have the survivors caught in these giant webs. That’d be neat.


7 monsters … 24 hunters

I think most games don’t have the amount of characters evolve has

The game will end up having 9 monsters … 36 hunters with tier 2/3 variations

We want more maps (big maps that are balanced & doesn’t favors the hunters )


Let’s not add new maps until the first two that were added are fixed.


huh,9? Why 9? should´nt it be 8?


Because it’s very likely that a t6 will be in the works after the next TU. TRS has long term plans for evolve and would not be doing all of this work if they were going to ditch evolve and move on to something new.

Without any dlc to worry about right now they are able to focus solely on this next update, which is going to be massive. It might be the godsend we’ve all been waiting for and boost the playerbase as well. Something like the re-release of Destiny with the taken king. We all know TRS wants a t6 just as bad as the rest of us because we all love evolve.


Been saying this for yonks,seems like it falls on deaf ears! maybe it’s true what someone said to me the other day in game that they’ve made their money and aren’t interested in using up resources anymore.

I think Evolve will go down as the game that had great gameplay but let down by game breaking bugs and wait times,sad but true!


TRS “sooner” is like 3 months away! not being salty well i am but why do even hot fixes take TRS so god dam long? i mean they should be implemented within a week not 2months to get ready.


We have no idea how long away, it could be much much sooner than your assumption. Being whiny about it in the forum won’t make it come any faster.


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I’d love to see more Monsters added instead of more maps or Hunters. Right now there’s very little variation in terms of monsters (and adaptations won’t help much, since the number of hunter comps rises at a much greater rate).


Yeah EK wasn’t really a good adaptation monster i’ll say that,yeah it’s fun against noobs but any BD or SS or above you have very little chance of winning hell getting to S3 would be an achievement with EK!