A bug I encountered


I’ll admit it, I watch a lot of Evolve gameplay. I am so hyped, and I hope you all are too. Over time, I see a number of bugs in the game and I would like to discuss one of them now. When I played the Big Alpha I saw that sometimes when I killed some wildlife, that the bodies would sometimes disappear or just sink into the ground (like in "GhostRobo’s final Evacuation video). I really hope Turtle Rock fixes this bug before launch, because if effects many people’s games and sometimes even makes them unfair. Thank You


I had that happen to me in my first Goliath game of the big alpha. I linked to the time it happened… in my case it was not a problem, it was a small animal, but if this happened to an elite or a large meal i would be more upset lol


I’m guessing they fixed the invisible 1hp monster bug?


I have not encountered this bug before


It was an annoying bug in the alpha that made the monster spawn in as a invisible 1st person figure with 1hp. Not able to attack nor eat.
Here’s a video I found of it.


lol i have not seen that before… i have also seen someone take over a first person Daisy in a strange bug… i cant find the video… sorry


That is very bizarre. I have no idea what went wrong there : /


hmmm yeah, come to think of it, I lost a meal as monster during the alpha when it fell through the world. I admit I didn’t bug report it because, well, there was too much hunter smashing to do and by the time I took a break I’d forgotten. On the other hand it only happened once during my 30 hours of gameplay. We’ll see.


I’ve had that happen to me, even had a video about it. Was kinda funny because I could startle the birds and lead the Hunters on a wild goose chase. As for the animals disappearing, I think it’s more about netcoding than anything else. They would always reappear after time.


I had a similair problem on the hunter side, twice when we got knocked down we got sent through the earth preventing a rez


Seen plenty of that, lost our Laz multiple times because his downed body clipped through the ground and bled out, preventing revives.


Ah, the very rare -1 Staged Goliath!


This happened to me one time on the XB1 Alpha.


Wow, that guy was suicidal lmao


Yeah i played in both Alphas, ive probly encountered that same bug maybe 5-7ish times… Somewhat rare but very annoying b.c it has happened to me while i was feeding on a perk monster. Also i had a different bug, where i ate the perk creature (fresh) but no perk.