A Brotherly Bond


This is for you @Plaff and @Takran hope you enjoy.

Two brothers. Two brothers in a bond between souls. A bond so strong that even death could not break them. As story has told, when one brother died his brother would take his soul and give it back to it’s body, reviving his fallen body. These brothers of soul were great leaders and great fighters. They fought only to help. They did not kill aimlessly nor just to do so. They killed only when needed. Only when the only way to defeat their enemy was by doing so.

They lived and fought for honor. They served just and right. Lead proper and firm. Fought only to save. Killed only to aid. They loved one another, and cared for everyone they served. Their devotion was unmatched. Their hearts had no bounds. Yet they still had enemies.

An old and ancient foe. A foe made of hatred, of lies. A foe who was the demonic reflection in a black lake of lies and deceit. This foe was the force behind madness and treachery. The conductor of pain and agony. The crusader of bad dreams and defeat. This foe had no guidelines. No boundaries or limitations. They had no care for anything but for that of death and despair. They lived as one, Death and Despair against Life and Love.

So as story told, the two would eventually clash. Light against dark. Evil pitted towards good. A battle that has raged on since the beginning of time. The fight would end that day. The two would face off. Death wielded by one, Life wielded by the other. One could not when though, for there must be balance. So the brothers of Life and Love made a plan. They sat down on the battle field laid before them. They sat, looked at one another and began to sing. They sang the song of life. The song that brings heat to the heart and revives the soul.

The brothers of Death and Despair saw this as an opportunity to strike, but it reflected the opposite. As they attacked and began cutting away at the brothers they saw their own bodies fade from black to white. They were being consumed. They paniced. They tried running. Yet the bond that was made was too strong. They could only be consumed.

They did not die though. The brothers of Life and Love only took them into themselves. They created a balance that no longer needed swords and arrows to dictate which side was winning. The conflict was now within. The conflict had transformed into something deeper. The conflict could now be solved by way of reflection. One must only look inside themselves to understand this. Wars no longer happened. Lies fell to their knees and the trickery of murder diminished and it’s dust was taken into the wind. People lived in peace. People lived only to love and live more. They brought life and love into the world by looking inside themselves. They all knew that they were all brothers and sisters. Nothing could separate them. Not even death. For as one fell the other took their soul and gave it back to the body. As the brothers once did, so do now everyone else.

@MaddCow and @SledgePainter I’m still thinking up the concept for your story, but it shall be done soon.


No worries, take your time :slight_smile:


This one I tried to be a lot more unique with. Still highly philosophical but various in word style and presentation.


I’m also looking for feedback so @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @Torvald_Stavig @Plaff your thoughts?


I like how you described them as fighters who only fight to help :slightly_smiling:

I also love this text :slightly_smiling:


I think it is wonderful and unique. I don’t know how you do it, great job. :heart:


I tried make things look they all had a good and bad part. So when it comes to killing, the only good side of it would be doing it for the cause that you believe in.


Cool piece of writing! I am having a bit of a rough day, and this made me grin. Thanks! :grin: You’ve quite a way with words.


Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

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