A brief breakdown on each hunter


I feel like I’ve played enough to get a more than basic understanding of the game, and wanted to give my personal opinions on the hunters, and any ways that specific balance issues could be sorted. It’d be great to have other people’s input on the topic and see if we can find an agreement.
It’s super long, but feel free to skip ahead to your favourite characters.

Medics: General consensus: Caira > Lazarus > Val

Val: I feel like she should be the ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ medic.
Strengths: Decent damage, Decent CC (Tranq darts), Average but reliable healing, Great range
Weaknesses: No self sustain outside of Healing Burst, Medgun is relatively weak compared to Lazarus device + Healing Grenades.
The main issue is that her weakness is crippling, and her strengths aren’t strong enough to make up for it. I personally think that having such a huge drawback is fine, but they should make her strengths… stronger. Maybe faster reloading/more damage on her sniper rifle, longer tranq dart duration, faster weapon switching, or stronger healing (or a mix of the above) would put her in a decent state.

Lazarus: Obviously the revive medic. His role is pretty set in stone.
Strengths: Self cloak, Very few strikes on the team, Requires monster to alter playstyle
Weaknesses: No group sustain outside of Healing Burst, Requires team to alter playstyle
I actually like Lazarus’ design, although I personally dislike having him on the team. He seems balanced to me in that he requires a different playstyle from both the Hunters and the Monster to fight with/against him, and he’s strong, but with counterplay. He’s kind of easy to use, hard to master, which is pretty decent to be.

Caira: I feel like she SHOULD be the ‘strong but hard to use’ medic, but instead she’s just the ‘strong medic’.
Strengths: Huge self sustain, Strongest (non revive) healing, Decent damage, Speed boost is great
Weaknesses: Currently none
Caira’s pretty much seen as the best medic, not because her strengths are great, it’s just because she has no real weaknesses. She probably has the least damage of the group, but a medic’s main job is healing anyway, so that’s hardly a weakness. I’d like to see her healing grenades need more precision to be effective, maybe making direct hits heal for the current healing, and the explosions to give much less: roughly the same amount that she can heal herself for right now. Currently, her healing grenades hardly take any skill to use (this is coming from a Caira player) and outheal both Lazarus and Val in an AOE field. If they tone down the healing reliability, it’ll remove a bunch of her power and force her to stay a bit closer or have amazing aim, giving her meaningful weaknesses. Keep your targets moving, and she can’t heal them.

Trappers: General Consensus: Abe > Maggie > Griffin

Maggie: The most aggressive hunter. Typically in a good spot, maybe slight balancing needed.
Strengths: Keeps pressure on the monster constantly, 5th teammate
Weaknesses: Most unreliable cc out of the 3 (but still strong)
Having Daisy on the team forces the monster to keep moving, and in doing so, it makes it a lot easier to track without Daisy’s help. Maggie obviously has the easiest time tracking the monster, but is the weakest whilst in the arena with relatively low damage, and slow harpoon traps. A good maggie can still make use of her harpoons, but they won’t be as effective as Griffin’s harpoon gun or Abe’s stasis grenades when played with equally skilled players.
If anything, she could maybe use a buff to Daisy’s in combat AI (which is absolutely awful), but she’d probably need nerfs to counterbalance that as she’s in an ok spot currently. I always prefer nerfing the characters weaknesses and buffing their strengths unless one gets out of hand, so I’d say if they were to nerf her, nerf her harpoon traps arm time or range, or something along those lines.

Griffin: Generally seen as the worst, mainly due to his soundspikes being sub par at the moment. I think he should be the most control oriented trapper, being about average at tracking, and being pretty decent in the arena.
Strengths: Harpoon gun almost guarantees an arena when used well, Amazing CC in arena
Weaknesses: Sound spikes are weak currently, Probably lowest damage hunter in the game (if you include Val + Laz’s team bonus damage)
Personally, I think Griffin’s actually in a really good spot, except his sound spikes are just too weak vs really good monsters. I propose letting his sound spikes activate on abilties (which it currently doesn’t), sneak attacks, and basically anything that makes noise (so not sneaking). Apart from that, him having low damage is a decent weakness in exchange for his harpoon gun.

Abe: I personally think he should be the strongest trapper in the arena, but terrible at tracking.
Strengths: Amazing sticking power, Highest damage Trapper, Still good CC with stasis grenades
Weaknesses: Struggles to find the monster early game
I feel that Abe’s trouble tracking should exceed past the early game and be his biggest weakness, but he’s the strongest when he’s actually found the monster. Limit the number of tracking darts (as all the other characters have limits) and/or make them decay after a while, and probably lower the amount of time it tracks them, as is, his ‘trouble tracking’ weakness becomes absolutely moot when he finds the monster once. It would be nice if the monster had more of a fighting chance at juking them and getting away.

Supports: General consensus: Cabot > Hank > Bucket
The supports are kind of tricky seeing as they all bring different things to the table, but I’ll go in anyway.

Hank: Obviously the shield support
Strengths: Shield OP, Huge damage with orbital barrage
Weaknesses: Biggest damage output is extremely inconsistent, and if it misses, brings less to the table than other supports
I think that picking supports should be a more extreme decision than the other roles, and I think Hank fits in as the shield support pretty well. I actually think he’s well balanced, seeing as a lot of people appreciate the shield he brings, but still pick other supports over him. No real changes needed.

Bucket: I always felt like he should be the ‘turret support’, but his turrets are kind of pathetic.
Strengths: Can assist trapper with UAV, high damage potential
Weaknesses: No teamwide buff outside of the cloak
I’d like to see Bucket’s turrets being REALLY POWERFUL, and kind of forces the monster to seek them out and destroy them or take tons of damage. As it is, they kind of just deal the same amount of damage as the other supports and can be basically ignored. I propose increasing turret damage to make them more of a threat, but maybe increase arm time or how obvious they are to the monster to add some counterplay. (People might disagree with me on this)

Cabot: I like his abilities, I think they work really well, with 2 supportish abilities, and one damage weapon. My problem is that I think he should have much less damage on his own, and really rely on his team to dish out damage.
Pros: Tagging is really strong when you know the monster is somewhere nearby, damage amplifier OP
Weaknesses: Currently none
As I said with Caira, he’s strong because he has no real weaknesses. Make his railgun weaker so that he’s reliant on his team, and basically make it a tool for interrupting the monster through walls. It would really solidify Cabot as a ‘support’ instead of an assault 2.0 and give him a meaningful weakness. (Again, people might disagree with me on this one)

Assault: General consensus: Markov > Hyde > Parnell

Markov: His MINES are SO STRONG.
Strengths: OK damage at long range, strong damage close range, mines are OP
Weaknesses: Currently none
Another of the same problem. Not really any weaknesses. I personally think he should be in the camp of ‘Good, consistent damage at all ranges, good zoning with mines’, but at the moment he’s got equal damage to the other 2 assaults, but more consistent. I’d say a reduction of damage in his mines, and probably buffs to the other 2 assaults (as nerfing Markov’s lightning gun damage AND mine damage would destroy him).

Hyde: SHOULD BE the strongest assault in close range
Strengths: Strong damage close range
Weaknesses: Very inconsistent + weak damage long range
I personally think thats how he SHOULD be, but at the moment, his close range damage isn’t that much higher than Markovs. Add to the fact that his gas grenades slow your team + take NINE SECONDS to deal the same number as 1 Markov mine, and you’ve got an undertuned assault. Buffs plox, either in damage, or by making his toxic grenades slow the monster and not your team.

Parnell: Opposite of Hyde, I personally think he should excel in long range with his rocket launcher.
Strengths: Shotgun and super soldier make him extremely fast at dealing damage up close
Weaknesses: Less damage than other assaults when super soldier is on cooldown, no zoning tools.
Let’s be real here: Parnell’s rocket launchers are garbage. He SHOULD be able to dish out damage at long range, but they just tickle the monster, and deal basically nothing. Not to mention they also need pinpoint accuracy. I think Parnell would actually be a great contender if they increased the rocket launcher damage + explosion radius a tad, and maybe reduced shotgun capacity if they need compensation nerfs. At the moment I don’t see him ANYWHERE. It’d be nice to make him the ‘long range, strong in bursts’ assault instead of the rather generic one he currently is.

So those are my opinions on the hunters, would be cool to see if people agree or disagree with me.