A Blast From The Past: Power Rangers


To start off, a story…
Lets flash back a bit. It’s 2000, and I’m about 5 years old. I remember always watching a show on Disney channel and loving the hell out of it. This was back when they aired all the good Disney shows and not the stuff they have now (a moment of silence for anyone forced to watch “Dog with a Blog” with their little cousins.) Anyways, they had a time frame that had strictly boys cartoons; actiony, cool, and overall fun for an energetic kid. This was much to the effect of CartoonNetworks Toonami, before it moved to adult swim. I believe it was called ToonX or something. There was one show I loved above all else and my number 1 most VCR recorded show of all time.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

For those of you who may remember the original power rangers, I’m sure you can agree it was the most badass thing a preteen kid could ever see. This show was love and life before shrek ever rolled around (:smirk:) and was the only thing played during recess. I remember everything so vividly.
Sick ass poses, explosions, swords, and the coolest costumes ever.
I’m being dead serious. Look at the green ranger here and tell me you wouldn’t want to wear that shit.

You fuckin can’t dude, that costume is on point. He even has a Dragon Megazord and a dagger that is also a flute he uses to call it to beat the ever living shit out of an alien monster? Don’t even lie to me, that’s freaking sweet. Sweeter than my grandmothers pumpkin pie, son.

The fact here is, Power Rangers instilled in me the most gratuitous amount of childhood wonder, of which the world has not seen since. i watched power rangers until I was at least 12 and had gone through over 7 different iterations of this show during my youth. It truly was, and probably still is, my favorite show ever on television. I can’t even begin to tell you how many action figures I had or how many times I dressed as a ranger for Halloween.

It may sound childish, but that’s kinda the point. Seeing the current version makes me reminisce about all the others I’ve watched. I don’t know how well it holds up today, or if it’s even as cool as I remember, but watching it with my little brother took me back man.

So there’s my nostalgia trip. Hopefully I didn’t make too many of you feel old.
Oh and last thing. If you honestly wouldn’t wear a Power Rangers costume in public, and want to have small children come up to you and want to take a picture… I don’t know what to say to that. Only thing I can think of is lighten up maybe and have some fun. It’s a nice thing to make a kid grin ear to ear at the sight of you.
Now for the picture spam of all the Seasons I’ve watched. These are in order by release.

:warning: 'Power Rangers' 2017 Movie thread. || Red Ranger Set photos

Side note: Jason David Frank is also the coolest man ever. He is the Green and White Rangers in the first two pictures and is an actual fully fledged martial artist. This guy is super friendly and awesome all around. He played 5 power rangers and had done it for 6 seasons total. Was and still is a genuine role model for me.


Why is the only black guy wearing the black sui — nevermind that.

There are more pressing matters.


He was on the radio here the other day.

Also I read the whole thing but couldn’t help but keep thinking you are way to young to watch power rangers!


Don’t forget the Asian girl is yellow…


I still have most of the stuff from '94 when it first aired in Germany.
The latest addition to my collection are the variant covers (3 are missing) for the new comic from BOOM! Studios.


Too young? You mean then or currently? Lol


The S.P.D. was my childhood but I loved the Wild Force one


I loved the first two seasons of MMPR! Green Ranger/Dragonzord were the best ever, of all time.

I recently went back and watched the first two seasons on Netflix. They were as cheesy as I expected, but I still enjoyed watching them.

Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Saber-tooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Dragonzord :metal:


It was called Jetix…

and they had another show that was one of my favorites, Pucca…

Basically it was a show about a badass fangirl. Lol


#I gots the Power Ranger theme song for my ringtone.

I loved the old power rangers. The new ones are too baby-ish. OG was best.


I thought I was the only one who remembered jet x lol





Both. I was watching those years before 2000.


Lol you old geezer :laughing:


you must be old if you use geezer



You must be a young whippersnapper if you point out how old others are.