A bit of new info I found


So, over on Reddit, there was a player who had played Evolve and was doing a Q&A and I learned a bit from him. He said that there were areas that he couldn’t place his arena because the game told him he was too high. There was another problem he pointed out where sometimes, the mobile arena actually made it HARDER to fight the monster. He mentioned that when an arena was deployed in a rocky area, it would hamper their ability to strafe and move out of the way causing them to get killed. The last bit of info he had I’m not sure if it is more obvious to you guys than it was to me, was that the Hunter’s leadership role was repeatedly passed around almost seamlessly several times in a match. His example said that because he had the least number of things to do while actually in combat as the assault allowed him to kind of take control and direct the other hunter’s movements, but once out of combat, he’d drop the leadership role. Seems to make sense and hope that kind of setup is something the average hunter will follow


That is cool!

Makes sense on the mobile arena though - You should have to gauge when it is safe to use or when it could hurt your team. It’s a good mechanic!


i just like how the mobile arena makes that area look like a new small map your fighting on. like it turns what would be an open path into a narrow passageway almost cavelike.


Haha, I saw your comment over on that thread. Yeah, that was interesting about the mobile arena not being usable if the hunters were at too high an elevation. That’d be a bit frustrating as a hunter to be in a position like that. Seems like something the monster could exploit, trying to force the fight to higher ground so that the arena can’t be used.


Yup, that’s what I thought and I don’t think there are too many people on the forums that check over there because there isn’t too much going on so if you find any interesting info over there, you should bring it over here as well :smile:


I don’t know if @Plaff has already posted this on his thread, but I thought it was an interesting read and describes a tactic that new players have already discovered that the devs never thought of. http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/11/5799162/evolve-e3-2014-cloverfield


I don’t think I did, but the following quote has me excited:

““There’s a lot about the story that we’re not talking about yet. Up until this point it’s been about the gameplay,” he explained. “Things will make more sense to people when they figure out the bigger story.””

Now I want to know the “bigger story” :frowning:


Yeah, I thought it was a great article. I liked the bit about cutting the harpoon early


Yeah I really want to know more about the story aspects. I feel like Evolve is really going to nail the core gameplay, but I also want to be invested in the Evolve universe. Like with Titanfall, I feel like they really got the core gameplay down, and it’s awesome. But I kind of lost interest in Titanfall because I felt no connection to their universe, and that’s due to the really weak “campaign” mode that did a poor job of conveying any richness or depth of story in the universe.


Pretty sure @Matthew’s done a bang up job writing the story out for us all!

I don’t know about you guys but what I’m most looking forward to (besides the entire game of course! Am I crazy?) are the character voice lines and no matter who you’re going to be sided with like Tier 1 characters mixed with Tier 2 or 3 or whatever, they’re all going to have something to say to each other! Isn’t that great?


Yup, and with each new DLC character, you will get loads of new chat between the characters


I’m excited to find out which characters don’t like each other; it’s been mentioned before that there are some who won’t


I love this quote in one of the comments:

" Medics are like goalkeepers. You get blamed the most for
fucking up but you also have the most potential to be an absolute
game-winning hero. I always used to play healer in Dota 1, I love
support classes."

Sums up the medic in a nutshell imo.


“Can someone help the medic?” the same PR person asked in a tired voice later. “He’s being eaten by a plant.”

This made my day :slight_smile:


That was one of my favorite things in the Mass Effect games. No matter who you had in your party, there were moments when they’d talk to each other and it was specific to each other. Love character interaction like that.


Yeah, that was awesome. “The PR person seems close to physically removing the controller from our medic’s hands to keep the game going” had me lolling so hard


I get the feeling the alpha will have a lot of people who doing know what they’re doing for the first day or two also. There’s going to be a huge disparity between skill, and people who know what everything does. :stuck_out_tongue:

But once we’ve all decided on who we like, and what suits our playstyles, this game is going to be awesome. Will Teamwork prevail or will the monster be able to take them down? As the statistics show, it’s pretty even. So both sides have a pretty good chance. It makes me even more excited to play this game.


Actually I was the one who told @MacMan about the harpoon trick. I remember reading this article and thinking back to that moment in time. It made me :smiley:. There’s alot of little things like that in Evolve where you can shave off an extra second to pull something off.

My favorite character for that sort of thing is Val since it is one of the most complex to pull off in order to be extremely effective against the monster. Her tranq darts used to last 6 seconds, and she would have 3 shots before a reload. So I would pull off this order of operations(OOP) with her.

Tranq Dart fire -6 second effect
Anti-Material Rifle(AMR) shot
AMR reload
Tranq Dart fire -6 second effect
(Heal)/(AMR shot+reload)
Tranq Dart fire -6 second effect
Tranq Dart Reload

And just repeat constantly to continually keep the monster tranq’d, which can be brutal for monsters, while aiding my team. If you’re accuracy in FPS games is excellent, then I feel that this would be the ideal generic OOP tactic for Val’s combat with an average team that can engage the monster relatively well. If allies take too much damage then you’d substitute AMR shots with healing. If they aren’t taking too much you can substitute healing for more AMR shots. Though you still have to read the situation and react appropriately while trying to execute this tactic in a chaotic battle.


One thing I really like about this article is that it explains how challenging the game is when people aren’t doing their jobs…and that the writer liked it so much they didn’t mind getting clobbered :smile:


Yeah, sounds like their medic literally had no idea what they were doing lol