A Behemoth sized bug (unable to act when playing monster)


So, I’m playing Evolve as are many others with the release of the new hunters and behemoth. I jump into another game after leaving a dead lobby and am greeted by a long loading screen (assuming a new character video). When the game finally loads in, I’m already on the ground with the game in progress. The behemoth rolls away from me in start of a new game. Huh, I guess I’m a bugged hunter or something? Dropship comes in, all four hunters run off in pursuit of the monster. I’m still standing here, invisible, with a broken HUD. wut

I then realize I can move and start following the hunters around, and apparently nothing can see me, at all. I ended up sticking around out of curiosity and had some fun with the birds (they would trigger when I got too close). The behemoth actually killed me by running me over where I was then put in a spectator cam on the monster, and watched as it was eventually killed.

After the game, the post-game map actually showed MY movements as the monsters. The hunters and I all had a good laugh at the glitch when I told them about it and I proceeded to get crushed by them next game.

I was told this may be a glitch with the addition of the observer system, but this is purely a guess on my part.

Below is the video from my point of view. I’m in a Skype call with a couple of buds which are the other voices you can hear.