A Behemoth Project or Evolve: Stage 3



Hello everyone :smile:

in this Thread i will post everything im working on at the moment, and update it daily.


Today im starting off with Basic stuff.

I will make some UnOfficial Accounts for our little Project here, and get them started. (add Description, Banners, Logo’s a.s.o)

These Platforms will be:
-Email (will use WEB)
for now.

If you guys have any suggestions for me, post a reply here, PM me here in the Forums, or contact me in Discord. My Tag is Thunder#8466.

Happy Hunting everyone :smile:



Hello guys,
i will be on a Larp-Convention in the next week. This means that im not working for this time (The trip was planned half a year ago). Yes ofc the timing is bad, now that ive started this and theres still doubt. I can totally understand that some people say, “i knew he wasnt serious” or similar things, and i really want to apologize for that.

Anyways, when the Week is over and im Home again, i will go on further with this Project, and catch up with the time i lost.

I hope you guys have a good Time, and much fun.

Cya in 1 Week, best regards.


You have all the time you need, it’s not an issue for me at least.


Wait? What is this exactly?


He’s planning to save Evolve by giving it so much publicity that 2K notice. He made a thread asking people to rally together, but we told him that, as inspiring as his determination is, we’ve already tried and failed to budge 2K.


Yeah sorry to burst the bubble but Its not going to happen unless you are talking about enough publicity to rally all gamers which you will just simply get the response “Dead Game” from them all. I might make a post about it soon but I am currently working on a passion project with a few others to see where things go.

Its a 4V1 monster vs hunter of sorts but takes the best aspects of evolve and adds a lot so its quite unique. Eventually I would like to make trailer and advertise it on kick-starter but thats a long way off. Sadly its the closest you will likely get to Evolve but if done well will be even better.


Dear God, the madman’s really gonna do it!


I’m interested in seeing what you’ll come up with.


there are so many…


'Little late, but I may as well poke my head in and say I’m also working on said project. No promises, but if all goes well, I’ll keep people posted on what I’m working on if I feel its worth sharing provided the announcement happens.


Why dont we work together then, wouldnt it make more sense to share work and exchange ideas, in order to improve them ? :smiley:



Thanks for mentioning, havent thought of that yet xd



Im back from Holidays btw.


Happy Hunting :smiley:


Not trying to put pressure on you with this, but you mentioned you wanted to update this daily with your work, and I’m interested in seeing it. Do you plan on keeping it up?


I would be down man. We are going to need a team to make anything happen so if you have any skills to offer they are certainly welcome. We have a concept which I am explaining in a video for everyone involved and then we are going from there.