A balance change for kraken


the air long range melee attack . . . just change it so the kraken cant cancel out a hunters revive with it. and that should fix him quite abit. what i notice happening is that the kraken merely sits in the air throwing those things and using abilities until someone is down and then hovers in the air tossing those balls to stop us from reviving him with no risk to himself.

“but thats not fair if we cant stop a revive” you can stop it. just go down there and smack a bitch its not fair that you can be halfway across the dome stopping us from reviving our allies. ontop of that even if we DO revive them they have a strike you can just kill us again BOOM no harm done to you right?



Melee attacks cancel revives and kraken’s ranged attack is a melee so your point is invalid



It’s a basic attack, not a melee attack. Melee attacks by definition cannot be long ranged.



You know what I meant



yes gamemaster those are the facts, this is simply stating that there is an inbalance in the way things currently are.

Body camping should be counterable. The only way to counter body camping is to punish the monster.
however, there is no current way to punish a kraken for camping a body in this fashion.



As a Kraken main, I can agree with this. Kraken has by far the easiest time making sure an incapped player dies. It would still be relatively easy to prevent pick-ups by using his other abilities, but it would give hunters “windows of opportunity” as opposed to now. The biggest thing you can do to a body-camper is to punish them hard for it, and with Kraken that isn’t really a viable strategy. He needs more counter-play to his general kit and mechanics.



you cant punish a kraken that is doing this strategy. every other monster has to commit physically in some way. even wraith the most cowardly one STILL needs to get up in the incapped persons face to stop the revive. kraken just flys away and hurls low damage balls that just shake you up abit. the only way you can conceivably get someone up in this instance is lazurus . . . but to need one special hunter to revive a team mate when it otherwise should be easy is broken



God Damnit. Everything I think of is said before I can say it. This thread, the movie Lucy, Non-Stop.





Step 1. Fix CC ignoring bug
Step 2. Put the nerf hammer away because thats it



ive seen mention of that bug going around but i dont know what it actually does car to elaborate?



Basically while flying Kraken ignores Stasis/Harpoon CC, the things meant to drag him down, making him sit in the air forever, negating almost all damage



I love Kraken and think this is more than fair, it would atleast mean that it can’t target your other hunters with abilities whilst throwing the basic attacks at the downed hunter cause at the moment the kraken can essentially camp a downed body from a distance whilst still dealing significant damage to the other hunters - the change would mean Kraken would have to use its abilities more sparingly,using some to protect the body and some to deal damage as opposed to all abilities being focused on other hunters and the ranged Attack negating all revival efforts

Added: just for the record I’m normally against all the cries for nerfs left right and centre but think this one is pretty fair :smile:

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really? hmmmm maybe that would fix it hmmm. sadly the most recent experience i had with kraken prompted my creation of this thread which had a team comp of one val a hank me as torvald and a crow. . the kraken basically insta downed the medic because the idiot medic rushed ahead and got pounced . . . ANYWAYS. the kraken then proceeded to fly up in the air going left and right shooting the crap out of the body. with said basic attack. i saw him get stasis’d quite abit by our crow . . . but now that you mention it he didnt drop down at all he just moved slower hmm maybe that would indeed fix him . . . well lets see them fix that problem and see if mine is still a issue later



A grounded Kraken is a dead Kraken, once CC works he’ll get brought into check ^.^



we will see then wont we. any eta on the next patch?



I think Macman and cheese said something about end of next week? Maybe?



good hope it comes soon. im hating all these damn immortal krakens everywhere . . . at least wraith i can shoot when i see it



Same, although Crow loves his big head :heart_eyes:



Agreed. Krakens lightning turns to static if you can ground him. At the moment Kraken players can pretty much ignore AS if they want to, as they never have to get close enough to use it if they don’t want; meaning full power Banshee Mines, LS, and Vortex, along with ranged melee attacks. Not a whole lot can be done about that. The worst thing is that now he can just fly backwards throwing melee and abilities forever, as nothing can bring him down, and you can’t really do much damage when they do this.