A as in Abe or Awesome, Stage 2


I think Abe is the strongest trapper right now in Evolve Stage 2.

  1. He deals a load of damage, almost on par with Assaults.
  2. His Stasis Grenades have strong use against all Monsters, inhibiting their melee and forcing them to expend abilities or traversal to fight normally.
  3. His Stasis Grenades can stop a Monster from chasing a Hunter effectively.
  4. His Stasis Grenades can stop a Monster from running away from the other Hunters effectively.
  5. His Tracking Dart has perfect precision and lasts long enough so that with the new Planet Scanner, Monsters are easy to find and track forever.
  6. The new Planet Scanner speed boost makes chasing a Monster down with Stasis Grenades effective.

I personally use the following Perk loadout 100% of my matches as Abe:

  1. Item Swap Speed (+30%)
  2. Reload Speed
  3. Reload Speed

The two Reload Speeds are what lets Abe rip through Monsters with his Shotgun. The Item Swap is to keep up with his Shotgun-Stasis combo, which is as follows:

Assuming Shotgun is the current weapon:

  1. Empty Shotgun into Monster.
  2. Switch to Stasis Grenades.
  3. Toss Stasis Grenade at Monster or vulnerable Hunter or key location to cover a wide area (to force [Elder] Kraken or Wraith to drop).
  4. Switch to Shotgun.

Near the end of a dome, simply shoot a tracker into the Monster to continue the Hunt. If the Monster is low or bad at being a Monster, use the Planet Scanner for its speed boost and Stasis the Monster or keep poking its health away.

It is not difficult to get over ten thousand damage as Abe and to deal ~75% of the damage that your Assault deals. Abe is a highly aggressive Trapper and can be played almost like a mini-Assault. Mid-fight, his Planet Scanner can be used as a dodging tool or a push tool.

I love Abe. He’s the best Trapper there is and we should be allowed to make Hunter teams comprised only of Abe. Also, give him a machine gun.


Yep - am loving Abe, though would consider him almost a little too strong at the moment with my experience. I played Legacy Abe a lot, but principally in Arena as Hunt could be a bit hit or miss against a good monster. With this update he’s once more my pick, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s tweaked a little bit.

Very much looking forward to the adaptation.