A 8v2 game mode


A 8v2 game would be a tremendous fun…
I hope soon we have this. :smile:


It would be ridiculously unbalanced and would split an already small community into another game mode, I hope they don’t add more game modes without finding a way to make them not split the community


There are actually many requests for this already if you use the search option :stuck_out_tongue:


This game mode will not happen, nor should it ever happen. The game is balanced around 4v1. Plus the consoles and most PC’s wouldn’t be able to handle it.

And always search the forums before posting. There are tons of threads like this already.


In the consoles that probably will be hard to run, but on pc… I think it’s possible because I’ve seen GTA videos with a massive amount of cars and destructions running in same time.


Some pc’s not all of them. Regardless, it will never be made. It’s balanced around 4v1.

And they should never make a mode for PC only or console only.


4 v 2 glitch occurs often where there are 2 monsters and 4 hunters so the system can handles it somewhat just look up 2 behemoths or 2 krakens

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Yeah but add double the Hunters, all the extra beams and lasers, the game would run at like 10fps

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I smell tremendous originality.

“Let’s just multiply something cool” - bad design choice.

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halo 5s warzone would like to have a word with you (does that even count?)


Consoles wpuldnt handle it? Ive seen more stuff going on in warframe than i do in evolve

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cough halo 5 warzone cough


The common sense would like to have a word with you. You’ve got 8 hunters. 8! That 8 murders go for first monster, and they will rape him at Stage 1 or at evolving to Stage 2 on a maps where one monster is struggling to hide from 4 hunters. Now there is only one monster left. And he would die on Stage 2 or at evolving to Stage 3. Even Stage 3 monster with full armor and with Sloth/Armadon buff dont stand a chance against 8, I repeat 8 hunters at relay fight.

If monsters are together the round would end even faster.

Now, do you understand what design is? I could bring you 1000 reasons why it’s not going to work - the main is the problem that 8 hunters could focus one monster.


I would love to see this. Then again, 2vs8 would be hard to balance, so maybe a more acceptable would be 2v4, with 2 stage 1 monsters? Hopefully, this wouldn’t place as much strain on the hardware as having 10 people in a match :wink:

I would say it would never happen, but TRS are always looking at what the community wants, so maybe one day :slight_smile:


Take easy, guy. This is only one discussion. Only Turtle Rock can give us some concrete answer. So why don’t we share our thoughts?


I would just like to say im against the 8v2 thing but you pissed me off by saying something awesome multiplied is bad, warzone is one of the purporses that im buying H5 this year


Not trying to offend, just truth - this is the lamest suggestion that people brings other and other.

The second one is monster vs monster.

You can share you thoughts, but use search before doing so. May be your not so bright idea has benn brought before you 1000 times.


It would be horrendously unbalanced. This idea has been pitched to hell and back.

Also, I believe Turtle Rock has given us concrete answers in the past. Again, this has been pitched to hell and back. I’m certain I’ve read a Dev say no to 8v2 on here somewhere.

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Like the others have said, there are many topics about this. So please use the search option to find the previous discussions :smile: