A 5th Monster based on Schrodinger's Cat [Reality-warping Monster]


Here is a suggestion of a 5th monster based on Schrodinger’s cat.

According to wikipedia:

To put it simply:

The Schrodinger’s cat is a multi-dimensional arch-demon that is capable of warping not time or space, but rather, logic around itself, where it can take on the forms of the multiple possible universes that diverges at any time, in effect, becoming what is and what it is not at the same time.

This means:

This means that a Schrodinger’s cat has the power of reality-warping, and can exist at multiple levels at all once.

Imagine this, that you date a girl. Chances are, you can be (1) rejected, (2) accepted, (3) you reject her, (4) you accept her. 4 combinations here.

A normal human can live only 1 path at any time. However, a Schrodinger’s cat can live all four.

Now imagine a monster based on the Schrodinger’s cat, which can create multiple possibilities at all times.

How do you beat such a monster? Easy, see below.

Above: To beat a monster with the power of Schrodinger’s cat, you only have to have powers of reality-warping yourself.

Whenever the monster creates a new trajectory, all four hunters are teleported to that path to cause it to fail, whereby hunters win.

This is done until all paths are taken.

The winner is the one with a greater than 50% chance of winning.

What do you think about a probability reality-warping monster based on Schrodinger’s cat?


Galactoid, someone needs to give you the Nobel Prize. You never cease to amaze and to amuse.

Your threads are like Heaven.


well i dont know if this would work, but i did enjoy reading it.
remined me of van hellsing


It’s a great concept, but probably not the best game mechanic :stuck_out_tongue:


Even though this is a joke, I think it’s a fun idea to think about. Just a shout though, wouldn’t the hunters pretty much ALWAYS win by default? Every single hunter (+ the monster itself) would have several paths that could lead to “monster screws up several times and loses to a single, left alone hunter.” or even “Monster doesn’t move.” etc. Since there are more hunters than monster, probability of fatal scenarios would fall into the hunter’s favor, right?