[9/4/18 - Lost Dialogue] Evolve Dropship Dialogue On Google Drive


No, I’m not recording them. I actually have some files to work with! The files aren’t labeled in the most intuitive way, so I mainly just have to sit there and deep dive. I appreciate the offer though!


Eh…I thought you were doing records in-game with only the voices toggled and no ambient sound nor sound effects, etc…


That was the original plan, but this is way better. Cleaner audio, extensively thorough, and no randomness in the mix.


That brother conversation with Abe and Parnell is wholesome, oh my god. I would have never heard it if you hadn’t done this so thank you.


Hope you don’t mind if I use the audio files in the drive on the wiki? Want to improve the convo page, I think this could do it.


Go for it! That’s why i’m hosting.