[9/4/18 - Lost Dialogue] Evolve Dropship Dialogue On Google Drive


Hello Community!

With the server shutdowns coming up in September, there is a good chance all of Evolve’s related websites owned by 2K are probably gonna go down too. As such @Shika and I have been spending some time backing up everything we can from the Dropship Conversation Website.

I’m hosting the files on google drive now. Click here to listen at your liesure!

At some point, I intend to use this to make a playlist where you can listen to the entire story unfold start to finish, but for now they are in the same alphabetical order as the dropship conversation website. Everything has the same title and the involved hunters in the file name, so you can search for anything you wanna hear!



I found some lost dialogue. I’ll be updating this as I put the pieces together. (Last updated 9-4-18)


I’m not entirely sure what this means.


It means Evolve’s related websites will likewise be taken down, including a site dedicated to all of the dropship conversations. In short terms…Takran is trying to prevent a total loss of all of the lore from the game by taking what he can and saving it now before it all gets wiped by 2K…because they enjoy nailing all the coffins.


Pretty much what sledge said. You can click that middle line to listen to in game dialogue. Just so it stays accessible as things transition.


Doing the lords work.


Praise be to Takran! Apostle of the Evolve Apocalypse! Savior of the holy words of Colville! (In other words, thanks.)


Dang, Tak and Shika. You guys are awesome! :heart::heart:


Thank you so much! Doing God’s work.


nioce x 10


Will this be up indefinitely, or will we have to download these files if we want to listen to them like a year from now?


I’ll be hosting these as long as google drive allows! If anything foreseeable changes I’ll post here. So it should be there indefinitely, but keeping a local copy for yourself doesn’t hurt!


This is the first time I’ve seen the website…and also huge thanks to takran for providing the backup of all this spoken glory that are the conversations in evolve…:smiley:


Is there a way to get the ingame lines aswell? Those for seing certain stuff or using certain abilties?


I’ve been working on those. Right now I don’t see any good way to get those isolated without cracking pak data in the game files. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to save those without being sketchy, but until that day comes I’ve got nothing.

That said, if you or anybody else has any ideas, I’m all ears!


Recording software and too much time on your hands.

Nice work Takran. You always seem to provide great stuff for this community.


Trust me, I tried, but getting to a particular bit of map with no music, no animal sounds, and no monster and the right balance of hunters isn’t crazy feasible. Plus I don’t know them all by heart. I kid you not, last week I heard dialogue in stage 2 I didn’t know existed.


Couldn’t you turn down every other sound except for Hunter dialogue, I’m pretty sure there is an option for that.


That’s true, but there is still the problem of having to comb every inch of every map with every combination of characters. Some of the trigger conditions are really really specific. One of the more obscure ones I know is on the fusion plant - you have to be on a team with abe and caira (or cabot?) but not parnell, and you have to jetpack as high as you can over the jungle wreckage after being out of combat for some amount of time. I honestly don’t think I could be thorough enough to get em all.

Still, I’ll try this method for some of the ones I know about when I have the time!


Ok, do I have an update for you!

So I stumbled on some Evolve audio files in some obscure corner of the internet. In the file dump, there were all kinds of dialogue that was either never saved online, not put in game, or was exceedingly rare to stumble onto. I am working through putting the scrambled pieces together, but I thought I’d share what I have to start with.

The below link includes every complete conversation with Abe in it that never made it out of legacy. I’ll update this periodically with new stuff as I piece it together. (last update 9-4-18)

There are some fun takeaways in here too. There is dialogue with NPC characters along with multiple supports in the same conversation.


You think you’d need people to help you record the dialogues? I’m available at all time except from 12 o’clock to 2 am UTC +1.
I know one for example that triggers in Wraith Trap if you have Caira, Parnell and Cabot in the team while heading to the Wraith in the pod.

Edit: I remember that “More than the Patterson Effect” is from the map Aviary when Abe approaches the relay, but that’s all I remember.