9:30 on Saturday, Can't find a game. X1


Is this community already dieing this fast? I live in Texas, the middle of the country. Where the hell is everyone? As I type this my game still has 4 slots open that all say “searching”. I even turned off my class preference. Wow. If someone is in a game, send me a invite on XBone. GT: Jay Rupp


Xbox users are probably worried about losing progress.


Playstation users are probably worried about PSN getting DDOS’d.


There is a known issue about losing progress on the XBone. Also, sadly there are other bugs that are also causing significant issues such as leader boards resetting. They have a fix in the works but no release has been mentioned as of yet. Hopefully soon though. Players will return I hope after the fix is applied.


It’ll probably be too late.


Well, I certainly hope not. Bugs this significant is damaging to game title and sometimes they never fully recover. I’m supposed they may have to compensate players for a huge reputation damaging issue such as these. Only time can tell on what happens down the road and what action TRS has in mind.


I am on PC and its been 15mins since it started searching for players… Cant find any…

1hr ago i was able to find players within 2 mins or so !


On xbox one and have been playing a ton of full games tonight. So fine on my end


I’ll be adding you


Add Jay Rupp


Add me: Jay Rupp


K good to know its not just happening on the One.


will do always willing to play with new people.


Same. Xb1 been playing non stop.


I get the same . its a bug in matchmaking.


People are sick of chasing Wraiths every game for 20 minutes and are quitting the game.

I’m only playing Solo or with friends until the Wraith nonsense is sorted out.


I fall in to that category


Saturday was also Valentines day so people were probably out doing couples stuff. I haven’t been playing Xbone as much since I’m worried about progress lost so i try to play it sparingly but I have a pc copy to so It gets me by