9.0 Suggestion: The 1545347239th Spore change suggestion


Orginally I was going to hold back with Suggestions until 9.0. But since it is delayed for so long, I will utter them now, so if the Devs deem them good, they might make it into 9.0. Keep in mind, that I am aware this is based upon nothing but assumptions about the 9.0 meta.

Spores are annoying. Period. So I cooked up something to make it more bearable, just in case that 9.0 does not take care of them.

General idea:

  • Only 1 cloud at a time through a much lower Rounds per Minute value
  • Much bigger radius
  • Shorter duration
  • 2 Phases of different vision

For the first 3 points, here some short examples:
Duration: Currently 7 seconds --> 3 seconds (explained later)
Fire Rate: 50 Rounds per Minute (1.2 seconds per round) + 2 seconds reload = 1 Cloud every 3.2 seconds/ 2.6 second with reload perk --> 35 Rounds per Minute (1.714 seconds per round) + 2 secons reload = 1 Cloud every 3.714 seconds/ 3.114 seconds with reload perk
Radius: Currently 12 meters --> 25 meters

Now the actual Suggestion: The 2 Phases.
The main idea behind the 2 Phases is taking the 3 second cooldown of Monster’s smelling ability and reinterpreting it as its breathing cycle: 1.5 seconds inhaling, 1.5 seconds exhaling.
The inhaling is the first phase and behaves just like the spores do currently. The Monster smells the spores and is confused, so that it can no longer see the healthbars and has trouble identifying the Hunters.

However the exhaling is the new phase and behaves differently: Since the Monster no longer inhales the smell, it is no longer confused, though his ability to smell how damaged (bleeding) a hunter is, is still disabled.
This means that the healthbars over each hunter will be visible again, but they will not update for the Monster and remain flat one-colored bar.


I think the devs are generally more interested in understanding the problems that people have, rather than what specific solutions people want to see.

The core problem with spore is that some people have issues seeing hunters at all without their outlines. The game shouldn’t have it so that monsters must smell in order to tell where hunters are. This is a wider problem than just spore cloud but is exacerbated by spores.


An ineffective and unnecessary change in my opinion. Changing the breathing cycle for a singular character is slightly silly, not to mention the whole deal with spores is being unable to tell where Hunters are. Being confused for 1.5 seconds but then having until the next smell to see Hunters outline and health.

As much as I hate spores and wish for them to be reworked I don’t believe this is the way to do it. I believe they should either be reworked completely and be removed for their toxicity or find another solution to the problem. This is too complicated and too ineffective of a change in my eyes for it to even be worth the time to code.


i have a idea why not just have a hunter flash every other second while in a spore cloud


Spores are my biggest weakness. Combine them with support cloaks and shields and I stand zero chance of getting downs on hunters. What could spore clouds be replaced with? Maybe get rid of the vision destroying aspect and make it like a less powerful toxic grenade. Increase the reload and it make it so fighting slim in the cloud is dangerous but not crippling by taking away a monsters sight.


The problem itself has been explained many times, so I dont think there needs to be any further explanation for it. If the devs do want to change something, they either did not have the time to do it, or they lack the right idea, which is why I think posting one’s ideas in the suggestion section might be helpful for them finding the change that they are comfortable with.
Besides that, I personally much prefer someone uttering a problem AND suggesting a possible solution, to someone who is just complaining.

The thing about the breathing cycle has nothing to do with game mechanics, but just an lore based explanation for the game mechanic I suggested (2 different phases).

[quote=“10shredder00, post:4, topic:84408”]
An ineffective and unnecessary change in my opinion.
[/quote]It may not change that much, but I would welcome any change that makes me see the Hunters location more often while fighting Slim. Suggestions that would change more have been made in the past but did not really have any effect on the Spores. So I think suggesting something in the middle could have better results.


I can’t agree more.


How about making it only effect the Monster when hit by it. There wouldn’t be any visual effects besides some small yellow particles. From here on, the Spore effect lasts for a set amount of time and only makes health bars and the white highlight around them invisible?


(sorry but this is going to be a long read) if the devs haven t already understood the problems that people have with spores, then there is no hope for this game, because i mean they certainly did look at it and made that weird and useless change when you hit a hunter in a cloud you revealed for the period of the hit, which for me doesn t help AT ALL, like when it happens i feel like i m actually lagging and glitching

The problem here is, since the monsters player plays on a 3rd person camera, the camera sits above the general area of the right shoulder of each monster, and since it sits above the right shoulder, the camera is much further away from the ground than it should be, making each hunters much smaller than normal on the monster player s vision, so since the hunters are much more smaller, every detail that they posses such as color pigmentation general animation without lightning and fx is too hard to tell apart from the background and maps of the game

What i mean is that the hunters get visually swallowed by the maps, they get swallowed by the terrain, shadows, lighting and everything that is a visual detail, or even physical detail, since the hunters are so small they occupy nothing but a fraction of the monster player s screen, thus dividing the visual information that you should normally receive since the monster gets bigger so the camera gets further away but the hunters don t become more vibrant or easier to notice

Hence you already get a disadvantage towards the monster player, but you could always smell things and highlight them making the hunters pop out from the rest of the map in red

But the here comes slim with his spores, picture this, in a normal fight you have the hunters that shoot their many different guns all with different particles and effects, and explosions too, so you already have a lot of visual information coming, all getting scrambled in a big nice pictures, but the hunters when highlighted always stood out of the mess, but with the spores, the hunters simply disappear to the monster player s eyes, they disappear under all the effects and particles and terrain and lighting and fire and explosions and shadows of the game, and coupled with the supports cloak you litterally can t see them

In normal circomstances without spores whenver a hunters is cloaked, he gets revealed once he starts shooting, but with spores you have a harder than normal time to even notice the hunters in comparaison to the ground, that s what is personnally my problem that should have been fixed since months ago but nop nothing