80% playing as monster vs premades while monster is last preference


Why does it throw me into these games? The hunter and monster option should be separated, this way people don’t have to leave when getting the side they don’t want to play.


From what I understand you’re essentially in a queue. The first people in line get matched to create the quickest match. If you are alone and next in line, and a party also just finished a match then you’re grouped together.

When ranked mode is here you’ll be able to queue into the specific class you want.


Looking at their telemetry 70% of matching has monster 5th pick. This sounds functional in theory but I’ve been in plenty of games with up to a three player round robin for first choice monster so a lot of matches are suddenly without monsters.

Something about their matchmaking lately keeps tossing monster players together. I’m always fighting for monster slot when I first monster but when I pick hunter we never get monster first picks in the lobby. Something funky is going on.


More people are playing premades. If 4 people queue up that means whoever joins, regardless of preference, will be monster.


Got the exact same problem. Whenever I go monster the entire lobby I get in are all singles, and at least three of us are jousting for monster. I’ve only even seen partied up players one time when going for monster, and it was 2 guys. I would definitely argue that it’s less than 70% having it as last pick. The only way I could see that is if the majority of games had premmades which essentially forces monster as last pick; and let me be the first to tell you that that’s not true.


If that’s the case then people who have monster as 5th option shouldn’t queue up against premades in the first case.


Their stats system registers all premades as 5th pick monster. Ultimately similar effect on matchmaking except it fucks actual 5th pic monsters in lobbies when they get dropped together. But those are the numbers, only 16.8% are first pick monster.


Which is why they are working on a ranked mode to hopefully have this issue not happen. However, the matchmaking seems to prioritize getting a full group going.


The ranked mode will need publicly displayed numbers of how many people are queuing for each role so players will know there are hundreds more hunters than monsters. Might tempt some of them to change instead of wait for 10 minutes for a match.


The unfortunate error is that I load into a character select and its me as monster with 1 other person and 3 empty hunter slots. Monster being my last option and they programmed it so you can’t pick an open bot spot once you’re assigned monster :frowning: So its kind of broken to begin with.

Although yeah ranked will basically get rid of this annoyance for most people. Random match for quick-play and ranked for guarantee on your hunter/monster type. I’m so excited for it.

btw I switched monster to 3rd position and I’ve been monster 2 or 3 times in the last 3 days so for some reason it seems to work out better lol