80% of the time you are traking the wraith and 20% its fight, rly?


is getting really frustrating and boring, in the arena not stasis grenades or arpon can stop it if no decides to fight


Actually one time I was playing as the Wraith against Abe, Markov, Maggie, and Lazarus and I got to stage three only having to use my cloak once! After stage three I filled up my armour rushing at the hunters and winning. I have a few things to say:
Cloak, is still to short of a reload time. When I used it, it went away and I used it again.
The teleport is too op. You could teleport a 100 meters and it will recharge right away to then go another 100 meters.


It’s definitely difficult (and frustrating) trying to fight a Wraith when they decide to run 24/7. Sometimes it’s better to cut your loses and just setup at the Relay to prevent strikes. It’ll make the match go quicker and you’ll have a much stronger chance of defeating the Wraith player when nobody has ticks on their health. If a Wraith loves to cheese, you cheese them back and let them bring the fight to you. Just like a Wraith player doesn’t need to engage, the same can be said for the hunters.

@bematthy I believe the problem that @Victor 's having is that the Wraith just runs 24/7 and it makes the match incredibly lame.


Lol 20% you must fight nice wraiths. Out of that 20 10 is spent fighting a decoy 5 is spent attacking it the other 5 is spent using jet pack fuel to chase it around the dome.


Good strategy! When I’m the medic and we are against the Wraith, I will make the stay behind so they could get healed. I do not have a microphone so I cannot communicate very well with a team.


I am also very disappointed of this game, I have a racing and jetpacks games of 80 dls

A 27 min match > ran 24 min > wraith get to stage 3 > in four minutes or less we were dead in the relay


Same its anti fun and over powered i never play as her online because i know it is unfair i only play as her in single player. when me and my friend get together in a party and look for a game we back out because everyone chooses wraith so i have to make a custom game for us, bottom line wraith is op and needs to be nerfed again.


Abe AND Maggie?


Which Trapper is best for Wraith? She seems to warp easily away from all Stasis and she has such a wide swing that harpoons barely stay attached?


I would say Maggie is best. Wraith is stupid sneaky so daisy helps a lot. Also the harpoon traps are pretty effective against wraith.


Every Wraith I fight smashes the tether instantly. I end up dropping some nades and then just trying to help do damage and keep her tracked.