80 chain win wraith




Most likely a veteran taking advantage of new players.

I really wish they wouldn’t do this, it can turn people off to the game. :frowning:

On the plus side, Wraith is getting patched soon.


I recognise that name, I believe they’re a long time Wraith player.


Yeah, that’s the most likely explanation. If you ask me, it’s kind of disgusting and pretty sad.

Pathetic that they need to validate their play by exploiting brand new players, ruining their experience and turning them away from a great game. Even assuming he faced every team twice (which I HIGHLY doubt), that’s still forty teams of four, one hundred and sixty people, who will have a bad impression of the game, its developers and its community, thanks to one person.

I don’t see any way you could get an EIGHTY winstreak without curbing newbies, honestly.

I remember seeing that name at the top of the Wraith leaderboard for a fairly long time.


it’s not me

this player is my enemy


I haven’t lost as Wraith yet, but I’ve been bouncing around the different monsters and playing Hunter when the dice fall that way so my highest win streak I’d like 15 and I was proud of that.

Have the devs confirmed a nerf to Wraith?


Needs more than a patch.


They are bringing changes soon, yes.


I pretty much exclusively play hunter, so I’m more or less garbage at the monsters. When I do happen to get monster (which happens more than you would think) I pick wraith and have no trouble murdering everyone.