8 minutes of gameplay I found!


Finally found some footage from pax that shows the HUD! I haven’t seen anyone post it so I thought why not enjoy!


I posted those videos + more video from PAX on my Steam group on 2nd of May, heres the link:


Thanks for both of you, hadn’t seen any of this. Too bad most we’re short clips


Seen the first one before but not the second one.

The second one actually worries me a little. That Goliath booked it as soon as the dome lifted the first time, and he was leaping away and sprinting and the hunters were right behind him almost the whole time. Now, granted those hunters were very good it looked like, lots of teamwork.

But the interactive trailer makes it look a tad easier to leap away and gain some space than it looks in that PAX video.


The part that got me upset was that Goliath got stuck when trying to climb that wall, which led the hunters back to him where otherwise he may have gotten away.


Yea I felt bad for him too, was unlucky glitch that foiled his escape.


I noticed that to but i think the fact that Goliath kept jumping into walls had something to do with it as well. I cant imagine how hard its going to be vs Maggie.


This game is going to be so random and chaotic, can’t wait


In a good way we all hope :smiley: They do need to focus on the little things that matter upon release, rage quitting for one and match making.


Re-watching it, I think you’re right. He kind aims those leaps poorly.


I love how the guy from 2K was like “must have been some slippery moss there”. He handled that fairly well


It was rather funny at times lol.


In fairness to that Goliath player, I believe he was being coached by someone with very questionable strategy. So I think he was probably getting some rather confusing instruction. If I remember correctly it was also his first time playing the game at all. Playing as the Monster can have a bit of a learning curve, so putting someone up on the big screen to perform on their first time can be a lot of pressure. Some people take to Goliath instinctively, but others have a hard time moving around at first, it just depends on what you’re used to playing.

We did get a bunch of footage of other games between the 2K Production guys, but those seem to have not made it into public videos, which is a shame. But hopefully in the future we’ll be able to put out some more videos to show off strategy and tactics for both sides of the battle.


I think this would be an excellent series of videos in the preceding month before launch so we don’t step into the game completely clue less, or some in the actual game to give you ideas on how each monster works


@Brandini is right. Maybe if it showed off a few stealth tactics for the monster. They could be like one minute long each or something. But yeah I hope there is more gameplay footage released


I can just imagine how much pressure he was in. Strategy and tactics videos would be awesome.


Don’t worry, we won’t throw you into the deep end without some direction. We are working on multiple resources so you can feel prepared for the fights. Trust us :smile:


Is it likely we’ll be able to buy a game guide? Like a big book with all of the information about maps, characters etc


IDK about over in UK, but almost every single game that comes out usually has an extensive guide


Yeah I think we do! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: