(8.1) Why is it that people say 'Markov's damage output is UP'?


I’ve been playing Markov a lot lately, and I think that his damage is fair for the consistency that Markov provides with the Lightning gun.

The Rifle is a bit lacking in damage but its a secondary, its not suppose to do that much damage with how good his primary is.

The mines still provide their use of forcing monsters to waste an ability on them or risk getting damage.

What do you guys think about Markov’s current state?

I honestly don’t see why we would increase the damage output on Markov as the monster’s armor, health and in combat stamina are getting nerfed down.
Being as consistent as he is bumping up his damage would put him in a very Parnell-esq(8.0) position among the assault class. That would be scary in deed.


LG is more of a wild-life killer with the damage spread. Not great for fighting 1 monster. Also very little range and snap point. You can’t arch the LG beam like you can Val or Hank’s beams. Very frustrating to have it constantly break.

AR is mediocre. Other assaults have better secondary weapons.

Mines are great for low-level pub play since monsters don’t dodge them. In higher-level play monsters are cautious about them. They are also inefficient because Behemoth and Kraken will rarely trigger them, making them useless. Lennox’s Thunder Strike is more useful than those. Other monsters have abilities that can trigger them without them taking damage.

Gorgon & Acid Spit
Goliath & Flame Breath

As for making him better, He needs more range on LG to give an advantage over Hyde. ATM, Hyde is at 15 or so while Mark is at 20+ but he needs more.

He also needs stronger mines. They are easily destroyed and easily avoidable if the monster is being cautious enough.


For me, Markov is a reliable Assault. There isn’t any monster that he struggles against but on the flip side there isn’t one he excelles against either. Just dependable.


I agree that OG Markov’s Lightning needs a bit more range. I wonder if the range for Blitz and OG is the same though? Otherwise I would prefer that Blitz range stays the way it is and OG get his Lightning range upgrade a bit (like an extra 5 meters).


I thought OG had slightly more range.

OG: 28m
Blitz: 25m

OG should at least have 30-35m range. Then he can be the best Assault to fight a Kraken, and gives him compensation for his mines when fighting.

He just needs more reward for getting gold level on TG. He feels like an UP Lennox because if 1 twig gets between him and the monster, back to blue.


Yep true, the only thing better about Blitz is his rifle and mines. But then again his mines can easily be destroyed (as you said before).


Blitz has higher damage potential, but if OG’s is barely reached, then Blitz suffers greatly. For example, the mines. But I know a good Markov player, but he doesn’t have an easy time. Whereas he can glide with Lennox.

If you’re going to pick Blitz, might as well pick Lennox since she isn’t caped much on her damage potential. I once kept a 4x damage a whole dome. You can’t do that with Blitz :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixed that for you :wink:

The problem is, that with average to good accuracy, his secondary weapon outdamages his primary at all ranges. At average to good skill level, the mines deal damage less and less often as Monsters avoid them more.
In addition to that, there still is a bug with his Lightning Gun causing it to last about 40% longer on average than it actually should (5.05 seconds of 150 dps). So with that capacity gone, there is need for some counter buff.
In addition to that, if the limb modifier is actually removed, the damage of his Assault Rifle will decrease like all bullet based weapons, which means less damage at good accuracy levels from our good ol’ Martian.

His Lightning Gun also has another downside: Its chaining ability has virtually no affect on batteling a monster.


gonna be honest, I HATE MARKOV. I honestly feel he is UP. Every game is a loss. Blitz is much better.


A lot of it is that his kit has a “set and forget” option in it. You can place mines wherever you like and have little control over the damage dealt with them. It’s out of your control whether or not the Monster hits them.


Markov got a buff in TU09 to 200 DPS with the Lightning Gun from 150. In comparison Hyde does 180 DPS with the Flamethrower.

Blitz Markov also got changes along with this, his new scaling is 150 | 200 | 250 | 300 from 75/150/225/300. We might bring down the max damage but I’m still playing around with both the new Blitz and OG Markov.

Also with Blitz the mines did change. They’re now 300 | 450 | 600 | 750 from
350 | 500 | 650 | 800.


I think this is a great buff. Since his mines are situational, he can bypass Hyde in terms of damage if the monster triggers some of the mines. But I overall like it :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the comparison to Lenny?



Now thats what I like to hear!


It seems like I could do more damage with Lenny since they are both close range. Lenny’s AA is way superior than the assault rifle of Marky Marks, for long range


That is really nice to hear, but do you guys think you could mess around with the ranges of the two Markovs?

Some people (including myself) have discussed the idea of giving Markov more range while Blitz gets a better lock on angle (like Val and Hank), it would be nice to differenciate the two. As of right now, they’re a bit too similar unlike his tier mates. :smiley:


ill be right in front of the monster touching him and the lightning gun wont fire lol too unreliable…hyde is much easier to use since the lightning gun breaks too easy and the actual line of sight you need for the lightning gun to fire is wonky


There was code improvements done by DJ to help solve this issue. Using Markov right now is a lot smoother experience compared to before. I’ve also done some general XML clean up on the LG to make sure it is a lot smoother.


I think blitz has less range


I used to hate playing Markov but with the introduction of Blitz I absolutely love him. Favorite assault character.

I don’t care what anybody says but I will argue until my dying breath that the AR is the most consistent and best weapon in the game.

I play OG Markov but I vastly prefer Blitz.


The assault rifle is more accurate for long range