[8.1] Trapper Balance(polls)


Class Comparison

Who is the strongest trapper?

  • Madd Mags
  • Gurfin
  • Cowboy
  • Crobi
  • Jackal

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Who is the most balanced trapper?

  • Medic heal Daisy!
  • Flamethrower Daisy
  • Wanker wanker! Crikey! Wanker!
  • It’s high noon…
  • Hm
  • Stop! I command you!

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Who is the weakest trapper?

  • First they stop…
  • Then they BURN!
  • It’s tethered! Call in a strike!
  • The Wrong Motherf***er
  • Rehehahehuaaaaah!(gobi noise)
  • J.A. Lennox

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Individual Balance


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

0 voters

Wasteland Daisy

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

0 voters


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

0 voters


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

0 voters


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

0 voters


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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Index Team :sunny:

P.S. names good enough? @CptBoomBoom
~eyeballs overwatch reference


Lolz who is the weakest monster? I think you have a typo friend


What typo? I don’t make mistakes…



I didnt see anything :wink:


Jack is a booty trapper now with his crappy cc.


Lol yes. They all seem fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m saddened by the fact that I was not one of the Crow choices.


How cld anyone consider jack OP?
Are there magick jack tricks that i dont kno about? Do his little baby peashooters have like a combo button where they morph together to become a kickass machinegun?
His repulsor is repulsive ( you see what i did there right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
The only other thing is the satellite survey. An last time i checked it didnt do much damage. It pales is comparison to gobi( the magnificent!) or griffins spikes.
Somebooty has got to hav the answers that i seek here. Help me to help you to help me.


The only forumer with that privilege is Moiser. And that is because he mained Caira. You’re well known for Lennox too… :smile:


Yeah, but Crow.


I am?


Next thing I know, I’ll have to call Torvald “Torvald_Stavig” and nobody would know what I was talking about



Who the hell is Torvald_Stavig? I only know Torvald Stavig.


Wasteland Maggie is balanced? What are you smoking? That 13% either mains her and refuses to admit she’s OP to justify their use of her, or they’ve played against an extremely bad Trapper.


I really don’t see a problem with her.


You must not play enough Monster then. She can turn a game into absolute hell.


No, I do, and I play plenty of Trapper.


You must be getting lucky and finding players that can’t play her well.


Or I’m just killing her.


“It’s high noon…”

Abe = McCree

It’s perfect :smiley_cat: