[8.1] Support Balance(polls)


Class Comparison

Who is the strongest support?

  • got your shields here
  • got your hammer of dawn here
  • got your sentries here
  • got your amp here
  • got your drones here
  • got your teleporters here

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Who is the most balanced support?

  • hankiepoo
  • covert hankiepoo
  • missile missile missile
  • everybody loves that damage amp
  • mother of drones
  • weremonster

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Who is the weakest support?

  • mother of beards
  • covert mother of beards
  • all out of duties
  • walls? what are walls?
  • dodge dodge dodge!
  • hoody

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Individual Balance


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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Tech Sgt. Hank

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

0 voters


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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Medic Polls
Assault Polls
Monster Polls
Trapper Polls


Index Team :sunny:

[8.1] Medic Balance(polls)
[8.1] Monster Balance(polls)
[8.1] Assault Balance(polls)
[8.1] Trapper Balance(polls)

fucking Hammer of Dawn

These polls just get better every patch.


wait did a second micropatch come out or what?


No, just the one. They’re being posted now because people are finally getting used to the characters enough to give an accurate readout of their abilities post-patch. Or, that’s what I assume, anyways.


^ truth



Are yew still working on the Trapper and Monster ones?


what the heck is Hoody?


<ten kalas


I know that but I don’t understand the reference. What’s a hoody and what does it have to do with her?


She’s wearing a hood constantly. A hoody (hoodie in some places) is a kind of jacket. Just like a sweatshirt with a hood.


But that’s not what shes wearing… :confused: more like some sort of shawl.


No, but it looks like a hood. And it’s supposed to be funny.


Yeah… It didn’t work for me. I though he butchered Houdini and was referencing the teleporters as an escape artist trick…


I like to space them out and give each class 100% of the spotlight of discussion for a while.


Ok so after playing hank for awhile on this 8.1 patch Imo his underpowered his just way to hard to keep standing so to take something that isn’t on the monsters most wanted list is differently way better.