8.1 : Monster builds for playing against new hunter players?


With the recent new player bump on PC today I have been wondering what kind of monster and builds that can help the newer hunters to get a better lay of the land and how to play.

I’ve only come up with a Wraith build, from stage 2 forward.

  • 1 in warp blast, this way they know that it is an ability that does a lot of damage and that they need to dodge it, while keeping it at 1 point makes it so that it isn’t always a guranteed hit on them so it’s less punising.
  • 3 in abduction, lets them learn hard that dodging this is very important as this is how Wraith opens up her combos.
  • 1 in decoy, only use it in combat and not for cheesing FT3. Gives them slight konwladge as to figure out which is the real wraith. Since the decoy is retarded it should be pretty gentle on the hunters.
  • Dump everything else in Supernova. Because Wraith OP plz nurf.


I’ve always only played Goliath because he’s both my favorite and I know he’s generally the most fun for the Hunters to fight as well.
It’s a win-win.


I love the idea of the topic i’ll look forward to it ! :heart_eyes:
I want so much play again the monster in quick play !


All Monsters:

If you see the players are low rank or otherwise obviously poorly co-ordinated, then use your melees more than you usually would. Remember that initially hunters are trying to get used to using their own kit, let alone co-ordinating with their team mates. Their shields are going to be late, their heals are going to get interrupted by terrain. In general, as telemetry shows, their damage is going to be poor compared to what you might be used to.

Let hunters fight with you, it’s more beneficial for them to learn what their kit does against you, and what your abilities do against them, than it is to learn how to cut the monster off for a dome at the early stages of their involvement in the game. That said, if you have reached the 4 minute mark and they haven’t had a proper engagement with you, if they haven’t domed you, then let them dome you. You’ll probably be stage 2 at this point anyway, don’t flee til 3.

Also, if you can, don’t wipe the team in one dome. Let them understand what it means to have strikes. If you can put your focus on the assault for your strikes, it might teach them to be a little more cautious than they would otherwise learn to be when you’d normally focus the medic or support, or trapper if you’re just trying to escape the dome. It also lets you legitimately seem to take “too long” since breaking through the shield gives you a reason to spend longer not moving from one character.

Once the first dome you’re in is down, run… it’s important for hunters to learn that they have a dome’s worth of time on you, but more important is that multiple dome engagements are ultimately more fun for the hunters than just getting wiped in one. If they feel they survived one dome and made you feel like you had to run, even if they lose the game feels like something they’ve been involved in and learned something from.


Just use them, players will enjoy it more. The build order really won’t matter as long as you don’t try to dominate with quick combos. It’s very hard not to have have a fun game against Goliaths.


Don’t use the tongue grab in to pounce/rockwall combo, otherwise you’re good to go. Aim for a stage 2 build that has a point in all abilities, with some extra in tongue grab and lava bomb so that you’re spending your time helping them to understand to both keep out of clear ground against Behemoth and to get out of lava.


Avoid decoy until stage 3, otherwise I agree with Azmi’s build up top.


Spider traps are frustrating, avoid using them until stage 3. Put a focus on web snare and acid but throw in some low level mimics at stage 2.


Avoid these monsters if you know in advance that the hunters are new, but if you can’t (which is understandable) then just pay attention to what I said at the top which is about putting a dampner on the ferocity of the combos.

For Kraken stick to the skies as you’re meant to, build Vortex, lightning and banshee first. At stage 2 max out vortex and add aftershock in to your build. For stage 3 max out aftershock and improve whichever of the final two you want.

For Elder I’d suggest avoiding lightning at the moment as it’s quite disorientating with it’s visual effect. People need to learn how to deal with death spiral so take that but keep it low level. Build chain lightning more than other abilities to keep it fun for the hunters and give them something to shoot at while you’re still achieving something.

That’d be my view. The main thing is not to spend your time as Gorgon and Wraith being too much a mitigating monster. As the telemetry showed against new players you’re probably going to be taking half the damage you would against a co-ordinated level 40 team so you can afford to spend a bit more time being “lazy”. It shouldn’t hurt you too much, and it should give the hunters more chance to learn fighting against a monsters abilities rather than just fighting against their traversals.


We can turn this into a wiki and have people post monster builds for certain comps


Bob is a hard pub stomper even if I am bad playing with him, I try to not use it. Because I understand how frustrating TG combos can get.


For Bob, I would suggest going two in rock wall and one in fissure, and then staying at S1. Otherwise the pubs will basically kill themselves.


It’s less build and more playstyle.

With any monster the best thing to do is to take the pressure off the hunters, avoid playing your primary. Once you get downs, let them get eachother back up, don’t be as aggressive as you would normally be. When I try to ease off things and I’m playing Gorgon for instance, I go for putting 3 points into spiders, but I don’t go in as hard with my melee or Mimic combos and just spam abilities from a wall before going in for a pounce and then ease off the pressure so they can get some pot shots in on me and recover.

Similarly, once the dome drops stick in the fight for a little longer and let them get health damage on you. I intentionally get tunnel vision and focus the shit out of the Assault and let them kill me so that they can have fun with the game when I do play customs with noobs or when I end up in QP (which is rare these days, considering I stick to a specific circle of people).

You can find some fun in troll builds though. It’s far too amusing to watch the spider scuttle around after it grabs a hunter or a 3pt AS S1 Kraken that sits at the LZ and just gets the fight out of the way when the hunters drop in.


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Behemoth 3 in rockwall. =P


200% agree with this