[8.1] Medic Balance(polls)


it begins…

Class Comparison

Who is the strongest medic?

  • eyes glaze over
  • Rogue
  • Feel free to die
  • Moiser
  • love4thebug
  • discount bucket

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Who is the most balanced medic?

  • tranqs in!
  • poison dart in!
  • the lazarus device commands
  • still haven’t got rid of the nausea side effect
  • slim, a, lim, a, ding, dong
  • I am alone. I will not be afraid.

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Who is the weakest medic?

  • booty
  • booty 2
  • cloak4days
  • waaay better than the medgun amirite
  • slime
  • I am alone. I will not be afraid.

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Individual Balance


  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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Rogue Val

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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[8.1] Monster Balance(polls)

I think this is the best the Medic polls have ever been. I’m liking it.


Caira just needs a little kick. She’s borderline up imo.

Laz is just ew. I hate him since whenever I play ranked he’s always picked and we always lose.

Slim is good as long as he isn’t focused.

Val hasn’t changes.

RVal is balanced if the team is an off comp, but fails is she’s not the one being targeted. Too easy to down other hunters.

Emet got buffs, but I played him fine before the MP.


These options make my head hurt with obscurity at times.


you should get that checked out. it isn’t normal


Surprised more people don’t think RV is the best.

Unkillable damage medic is pretty badass in the right comp.


I think caira will be in that sweet spot when they remove that slowness when she shoots!


Unkillable? That would be slim.

@Sidewaysgts Quite


I can understand the 68% voting for Slim to be balanced to some, very tiny extent, but the 24% voting for UP just flat out have NO CLUE how he looks when used at maximum effectiveness.


Not as much anymore, and definitely not without a defensive support. You can run RV/Cabot and just mess people up because it’s so hard to down her, even by herself, and in the time it takes you to do it, you’re gonna get melted.

Slim can have the same effect in the same comp, but it’s much harder to pull off.


We need something like this for the Monsters. Wasn’t there one for Assault, Trapper, and Support?


Lets do more polls like this for all the classes and monsters! We shld do one of these just about every patch and TU


Polls like this have been done for all the classes, and are done every time a significant patch drops that alters the meta, like the last MP. I feel like the Monsters have all had them done as well, but a specific occasion doesn’t come to mind. Probably because I usually vote and leave.

I’m interested by the fact that so many people still think Caira’s UP. Same with Emet. They were both stronk before the patch, and now Emet kicks major ass. Caira feels the same, though. Not too powerful, but certainly enough to put out massive healz.


Because it feels like an uphill battle with her unless you choose reload/capacity. She also isn’t great with Kraken. It’s harder for her to get consistant heals like Val does.

She just needs a umph to bring her up to current monster standards. Hopefully her fire+run buff helps her out, but I feel she needs a slight edge to healing. Emet can self heal much faster it seems, but I’ll try to compare the 2 times it takes for Caira and Emet if I can.

Probably because of his situational Beacon. It’s not easy to use, and only works well with stage 3 relay fights.

He is also a tricky medic to heal with.


She literally NEVER stops healing. Val and RVal both have long periods of time where they have to fully reload their MedGuns to be even mildly effective (though RVal has a passive that’s kind of nice), while Caira’s just sitting there, spewing out grenades consistently and endlessly. She has both more consistent healing AND higher healing output than both Val and RVal. Her “downfall” for most people is that they have to aim with her, while Val is only one step down from being an aimbot. Val also has the CC of Tranqs.

I admit, it’s tough to use. Hate it. His heals feel much better with their buff, along with the slight buff to the buoys. Overall he feels up to snuff when played well. Emet just requires a bit more skill to be used effectively.


She can spam the nades, but it’s range and accuracy that need to get factored in.

So she NEVER has to stop healing, but needs to adjust her aim.

This also is because she does short burst heals whereas Val can do a steady stream. Frankly, Caira can’t out heal monster damage so she only heals best if monster misses some abilities and melees and that is typically lower level gameplay.

Emet can out heal her, meaning Caira only has the AF advantage unless monster is Kraken. Emet is just a better Caira and even combined with Laz.


None of the Medics can.

@Chrono @white_hawke8 please drop some numbers because there’s a bit of confusion here.


I never said that any did.

What I mean by this is it takes time to heal. Val can get some health in between melees. Caira can’t. It’s a predetermined amount of healing per shot, not per second like Val.

That means a Hunter can be 50 health after a monster melee (100 damage) with a nade in the air then the monster melees and downs the Hunter before the shot is landed. If it was Val, she could give that same Hunter 60 health and thus he can survive and if there is Hank/Sunny, strong possibilities that the Hunter can get the shields with 10 hp left.

You might rarely encounter this, but almost every game with Val, someone is on a hair of health left.

In the long run, both Emet and Slim have better self-healing, Val has more consistant healing, and Cairas only advantage is her AF and it is simply not effective enough.


I haven’t calculated healing over time with respect to reloading and rate of fire. I think you’re looking for @The_Mastermind. My document is, as always, here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QLKkL3cdm62MwGnvuzWb-PlcImj1R6xoW7mXQ3-tHsU/edit?usp=sharing


Then our opinions simply differ. I have found that Caira with Reload heals more per game than a Val does with any perk, and I don’t really compare Emet because his healing is not even kinda sorta similar like Val/Caira are.