[8.0]Parnell Balance Discussion


Parnell has been a roller coaster since launch. One patch OP, the next UP(from the forum’s perspective) and from the looks of this poll, albeit with a very, very small pool of voters, Parnell is… UP?

It just blows my mind.
I thought Parnell was sitting pretty, next to Hyde for being the most balanced, and I’m on CONSOLE! Sure, he takes a good aim but that doesn’t make him bad, right?

His chase game is superb and super soldier is punishing. He even has a great secondary to deal with Kraken.
What more could you ask for?

I know there are those that agree with me, or even think Parnell needs some nerfs.

So I ask you, the forum, what makes Parnell underpowered/balanced/overpowered?


I think he’s balanced, he brings great damage and great chase, but in return he has no utility, such as something like Hyde’s toxic grenades or Markov’s mines.He has no aerial of denial.


That’s how I’ve always looked at it. Higher damage for no defensive utility.


I’d say he’s balanced since he is focused on damage and damage only. Hyde is more area-of-denial. Torvald is team-combo with shrapnel and predicament of where monster is traversing to. Markov is more Wildlife based, since his LG hits multiple targets, making it not useful whatsoever against a single monster. Lennox is up-close and mitigation to deal damage.

Parnell’s SS is also useful for traversal.

Overall, I’d like to see bigger explosions animations on his RL because the current animation seems like an explosive shotgun round and not a rocket/missile. But I’m just into explosions :smirk:


He require the highest skill

His shots has to be on point … high accuracy

He is my favorite … what I don’t like about him is the spread of his shotgun

He is anti - Behemoth with Torvalds

He is very good against Goliath

Against kraken . & wraith … the rocket is the way to go unless they focused on target pretty hard on the ground

I haven’t try him against Gorgon … but I expect the rocket is the way to go …

. against small target / mid-air target shot gun doesn’t deal good damage …

Super soldier is an area of denial … can be ignored pretty easily … Parnell doesn’t do much damage without it

Parnell is reliable … personally I think he is the #3 strongest assault


I wouldn’t say that…


It would depend on how you rank them. On versatility then yes I would say he would rank number three. However in pure ability I would rank him number one personally. He has become very reliable against even kraken lately.


It’s your opinion

Torvalds is the #2 about mortars

He require very good skill

It’s not hard to expect where the monster is going … it requires experience more than skill … it has a luck … monster can change his minds

Timing / study monster target / experience / luck / aiming

Parnell requires timing / aiming … trying to get head shot is hard …

Blitz / Lennox are challenging
Markov & Hyde are easy


My opinion on the forums opinion of character balance, if they say someone “is balance” it must be actually be slightly OP. Anything else I think is open for debate.

What is making him strong right now is his Rocket Launcher, ladies please…
Their damage coupled with its explosive radius together with the awesomeness of Super Soldier and the OPness of movement speed make him an unstoppable force when it it comes to preventing monsters from getting breathing room and armouring up.

His Sour Soldier I believe where it is right now is quite fine, outside of the chasing monsters part. :smiley:

The Shotgun I believe need to have something done to the spread or the firerate to make them more consistent against Vanilla Kraken and Vanilla Wraith, because they play a bit farther and have movements that make them hard to keep up with with the shotgun.


LFTFYM #10cheesesticks


A monster avoiding Mark’s mines is cheesy.


I think it depends on how people play as much as anything else. I imagine consoles actually make Parnell slightly easier than PC with the aim compensation, but more than anything it probably comes down to things like “Does this parnell run movement speed or not?”

When I play Parnell I need to play him after I’ve been playing evolve regularly, otherwise my pathing and my aim is just too rusty for him to be effective. He also really relies on good domes or CC to make the most of that super soldier period, too many times I’ve spent playing ring-a-ring-a-roses with the monster and nothing is slowing him down.

It’s clear from his picks in competition and in higher level custom play you watch that people don’t find him UP when they’re working well together. He’s in a class of hunters that just don’t work in public play, and work less well when not paired with specific perks.


I never cared for Parnell, always thought he was the weakest of them all, but thats just me. Upcoming nerfs are certainly…uncalled for.


I did too.

I think it was his RL animation of the explosion that made me think he was weak. Sunny’s explosion is bigger.


Anytime someone would pick him I would always lose hope lol unless it was AI parnell who btw is amazing.


Explosions u say


Torvald definently takes the highest skill.


I’d say Lennox since she needs to strafe and mitigate damage to get to level 4 of her lance.


Torvald takes most skill IMO. If I play Assault, I play purely Parnell (not bcos he is OP, but bcos I chose to learn a single Assault character in case Im needed to play Assault)


I agree that Parnell needs good domes for damage, but I have to say that Ive pretty much only played Parnell in Assault class (I have all the Assaults mastered, of course, without cheesing the masteries in solo-modo). I have always concentrated on Parnell if I played Assault.

After 8.0 patch, Ive sometimes wondered that maybe he is a bit OP. Not much but like 5%. I try not to brag, but Ive done some crazy damage with him. I mean, I dont think I would be able to replicate those with any other Assault that I would try to master. In my mind there are two options: 1) Im naturally good with him (yes Ive pld Quake, UT, etc games from which I can predict the where the rocked will land, Ill get the job done even vs Kraken that is airborn through the entire domes) 2) He is simply best character. Im leaning towards the latter one. I mean I regularly do 7000-8000k damage per dome. In a stage 3 with 4-5 domes Ill do over 40k, sometimes even 45k damage. I think its too much. On the other hand, Im fine with “Im just talented Parnell” thought as well, it entertains me more :slight_smile: