[8.0] Not sure if we have a velocity Jetpack Bug on all Characters after the Sunny velocity nerf


So guys yesterday we played a little bit and the game changed a lot I hope we can adapt.

But all of our team members encountered that the normal Jetpack velocity is reduced, at least it feels like this.

In the Patch note it seems that only Sunny had a nerf on the jetpack velocity boost but for us it feels like that everyone has it as well on the normal jetpack.

Are we wrong or could this be true? Maybe its a bug?

They devs said they have to made some code changes to nerf the jetpack velocity (50% > 40%) boost on Sunny but what if this change doesnt effect just only Sunny? Maybe its a side effect that the other characters got this on the normal jetpack as well.

For us it feels like that they nerfed generally the velocity of the jetpack and it effects Sunnys booster (confirmed) and our normal jetpack (side effect/bug?).

What you think?


It was only supposed to be for her JPB, iirc. Did not hear anything about lowering default jetpack velocity .-.


Yes for me the same. But you can feel it if you now dodge its slower as before on your default jetpack. So maybe it a bug.

Did someone else noticed that? Or are we just wrong?


I’ve not noticed it, yet… Will keep an eye out.


I’ve not noticed any changes to jetpack velocity. Played quite a bit yesterday as hunter post-changes. I think this is just your own perception, or perhaps a bug that happens when certain factors are met.

Which comps have you played with? Which perks have you used?


They had to make code changes to nerf the capacity, not the jetpack velocity.
They could already change the jetpack velocity before (and they did… from 100% at launch to 50% until last patch and 40% now)


Hadn’t noticed any JP velocity changes, been playing without Sunny all night. But I do notice that sprint is oddly slow at times.


Just tested a few characters- Boost distance/speed on flat ground appears to be the same as it was before (With a jet pack thrust covering about 12-13 meters per go)


Distance is the same but speed you really sure?


I still cover my “test route” (Specific path around the relay on fusion plant) in the same time(s) as I used to. Take it with a grain of salt of course, but i use this path frequently for testing purposes (Originally to compare the overall differences in long-distance travel speeds for move speed, jetpack recharge, and jump height. The path I take has flat areas, gaps, and tall walls to climb- in an attempt to help cover “practical situations” for chasing a monster)


Haven’t noticed this myself, it could be your mind playing tricks on you.

Instead I felt really slow and sluggish as Goliath, but I reckon that’s because I was used to starting to climb or leap immediately after performing an ability, but it seems the animation sync “fix” removed this.

I don’t feel any difference as the Hunters.


OK, this video I recorded months ago I will compare it with this same route in the video. The time should be almost the same then. Yeah maybe we were wrong…


Yes maybe, we got that stunlocked bug that day all the time. Maybe that is the reason why we thought the jetpack velocity was reduced. But I will compare it with my video to be sure.

Yes he is hard to play now. Some attacks doesnt connect direct after sneak pounce now…


Yes there are some gameplay bugs with this patch. For now i have already noticed :

  • Slow movements (as hunter) at times
  • Aiming speed increased at some times (your aim goes straight in a direction, really fast while you are just moving slightly your aim)

But some good things are here too as for exemple, now that they fixed the input lag, we got a better aiming gameplay :).


That could be some as simple mouse acceleration which would be the computers faulth (It’s a mouse setting).
Altough the way you described it, it would be negative mose accel.

I am assuming you are talking about PC, as controllers are already inconsistent as they use joysticks.


He’s a console player.


Yes thats exactly how it should be. Its called deadzone. Some games have an adjustable deadzone for example rainbow six or bf4.

I think the best deadzone is if the stick grabs no input in quiescent position but if you slightly use the stick your inputs should be proccessed. Evolves setting for this is now in a very good state after patch 8.0


Nah, You even can have on gamepad an inconsistent or consistent acceleration. I would like to have on Evolve an consistent acceleration but its not at the moment. At least almost.


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