[8.0] Monster slowdown hunters buff


Is it a joke ? Hunters cant move or dodge…

And btw bug fest…


What are you trying to explain here? If you’re trying to explain a bug please more a lot more descriptive and place the thread in the appropriate category.


Is this a bug or a discussion of something in the 8.0 patch?


I think Maderr means the Steamadon-buff, which slows hunters down EXTREMELY since the new update. It´s like you get web-snared the whole time…


Yes the slow down effect is too high. And there is also as well this bug.


He tries to explain that the slowdown elite perk on the monster is a game breaker.
You cant use your jetpack, You cant move at all. At least if the Wraith hits you.

I would say they should remove all elite buff on hunt 2.0. And set the weather to fair weather like in competive. I hate if I talk over balance in hunt 2.0 with buffs and bad weather and some competive players does not.

So we only can talk about balance if hunt 2.0 have the same settings like in competive scene. Or vice versa…

Please @maderr edit the title no one knows what you mean ^^ - Maybe something like: “[8.0] Monster slowdown elite buff is too strong”


Buffs yes weather no. It would make it more hunter favors than make it balanced.


But in competive (TGL) they only play with fair weather and they scream as loudest for balance patches. I think if we all wanna talk about balance then we should always talk about the hunt 2.0 settings…


The weather don’t affect it nearly as much for the monster so useing fair weather would make it hunter biased. By Makeing it much easier to spot the monster at extreme distances.


Yes true and thats the reason why some of the competive players think that this game is very hunter favored. Back to topic ^^


I’ve luckily not encountered this bug (yet).

Is it like identical to Gorgon’s Web Snare where every hit from a Monster with the Steamodon completely destroys your jetpack fuel when attempting to dodge or is it just bugged to hell as in preventing any jetpack usage whatsoever.


Easily one of the most powerful, most under-rated buffs in the game IMO. For both hunters AND monsters.


The weather makes everything washed out and adds a wonderful layer of particle effects throughout the game. Find some other way to balance hunters that doesn’t involve filling their screen with junk.


True story…


I am not saying it’s there to balance hunters. Makeing it clear 100% of the time in ranked would make it boring as well as even more hunter favored.


Yes slowdown was extremely powerfull. I mean, if a stage 2 or 3 monster get this buff during a fight, you are dead. You have no chance to win it. Dev should remove the wildlife buff in hunt 2.0. It’s unbalancing the game too much.