[8.0] Hunter slowed down/can't run bug - Persistent Stunlock - Video Now


Hi guys we encountered today a big bug on hunter side. It just happened to me two times. It seems that the auto sprint doesn’t work if you switch your weapons or what ever too fast. But maybe its caused by a different thing. I dont know.

The bug feels like that you are always stunt even on the jetpack as well. You cant run anymore. We were not in the fight.

The biggest problem is that you can press any keys but your character doesnt sprint/run anymore. Even if you try to sprint/run manual it doesnt work. You are just slow.

It feels like the stunlock just persist and doesnt stop.

Now I got the video from my PS4

Lets analyse it:

At 0:02 you can see that I am in Aim down sight mode and I got hit by wildlife. It flips out of that mode and than the struggle begun. Now I am always stunlocked.

At: 0:05 Where is my weapon?

At: 0:12 I pick up the buff, it doesnt matter still stunlocked.

At 0:15 - 0:53 I am sooo slow. I couldnt do anything. All the time stunlocked.

At: 0:54 I go in the ADS mode with the same weapon as I got hit by wildlife. The ADS freaks out (just one button press). After that I think the stunlock was over.

So I think this bug will happen if you are in ADS mode and then you got hit by wildlife. I will test it today…

[8.0] Monster slowdown hunters buff
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Same happened to me, obviously need to be fixed!


Did you check your settings for “Automatic Sprint”? The update might have switched that to “Off”.

Happened to me with the last update and it threw me off.

  1. Check to see if “Auto Sprint” is even on.

  2. Make sure you’re not ADS.

  3. If it’s not either of those, then you have a bug.


Thx, gonna check that, although I highly doubt that…


Auto Sprint is on. Have a video about this will post it here if I am back from work.



ADS is Aim-down-sights


I am not in Aim-down-sights!



Bump, cause this is a huge issue atm for us.


Don’t worry. They’ll see it. I’ll tag a dev just incase though.
(Might I add current time in Cali right now is 3:36am, so the hoomins are sleeping. :wink: )


A video would be really helpful if you can get one! :slight_smile:


Yes I will show it to you guys after I finished my work. At the moment I have a break but when I am at home I can show you a video.

But in the Video I took a movement speed elite perk directly after that the bug appears but I can assure you that its not caused through the elite movement perk cause it happened even without it in other matches.


What default perk did you take? Just out of curiousity.


Jetpack on Val. After that round I took Capacity on Torvald. Both times I had that problem that I couldnt run.


Aight, guess it’s not perk related then either, just clearing that out the way :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also seeing something like this on PC, my hunters feel unusually slow after I squat my kit.


@Azmi_Anuar @TatzyXY please also report this using the issue reporting system pinned on the main page of the forums, if you haven’t already.


When I think about it I kinda feel like I was a tad slow… Can’t be sure, I took movespeed so eh…
Even so. I’ll go check it out if anyone wants to play some games… Maybe try to repro it.


@xTr1ckOrTr3atx I’ll try to check this out again maybe later tonight, I’mma get video footage of it if I can so its easier to understand what’s going on.

its most noticeable after you’ve fallen from the ledge.


I feel so useless if I use this simple form. Its just a one way ticket. I cant post a video after already send the form. But this post is still editable for me so I can provide when I am home more informations (a video).

But I will report it there as well with a link to this topic ^^