75 Silver Keys for a win?


Moments ago i fought my ass off as the Monster only to be awarded 75 Silver Keys, so surely i should have been awarded more because am the best at this game :wink:


What’s the purpose of this thread? Like, is this a joking thread?


Back in my day 75 Keys could buy ya a cozy little bungalow. You young whipper snappers don’t got any respect for currency.


[quote=“Rapterror, post:2, topic:100441”]
is this a joking thread?
[/quote]Getting 75 silver keys after a win is no joke


You get 75 for a win and complain about it? You privlieged whippersnapper, most of us only get 30! Come back when you’ve got actual problems.


That’s already a lot… We got 30