75% off Sale on Evolve Merch in the 2K Store


@EvolveGame: Goliath’s claws are coming to town! Save up to 75% on Evolve Merch at the 2K Store. http://pco.lt/1OP5uZ8 http://twitter.com/EvolveGame/status/674589154211053568/photo/1

I admit I bought a pin set, pilsner glass, legacy Goliath, and a tumbler before I made this post. :stuck_out_tongue:

2k order has arrived 75% off!

Still no Gobi Plush. :cry:


$750 for a statue? No thanks. No matter how cool it is.


What if it were a real Goliath and you could buy it as a pet.


I debate about the Kraken one in the works mostly for the way it lights up, I’m still waiting for the statue that I won from Pax East. I think they got delayed quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


$750? That’s a steal.

Here Goliath! Eat my neighbors. There’s enough for you to Evolve :smiley:


Give me a Wraith statue and I may consider it.


A Gobi Plush is the only thing I want.


My son would go nuts for a Gorgon one :stuck_out_tongue:


Imagine having a Stage 3 goliath for a pet.

I really doubt the government, neighbours or the Goliath it self would appreciate the idea. They are proud creatures afterall.


If there was a Gorgon one you would hear reports of a man dying in New York of happiness.

“I’m sorry John but his face was smiling and it was too terrifying for the news. He died with a statue of what appears to be an Ant in his ha… Oh god John he’s come back from the dead. JOHN HELP. HE’S TRYING TO KILL US!”


~End Transmission~


I know I would!!!


Even better would be a Gorgon statue with it casting mimic. So you also get the Ethereal Ghostly part of her to :slight_smile:


Be right back, ordering.


I want them Bucket leggings!


So why haven’t @Shaners and @LadieAuPair been using the Pilsner glasses on their Tuesday streams? Hmm?

I didn’t know these existed until now!


I had to buy a tumbler and a trapjaw pilsner glass. I really wish they had the 4v1 shirts for men, I’ve always wanted one of those.


That’s why I had to have one!


@TheMountainThatRoars thanks for the heads up on the sale! I am going to have to buy some Funko Pop figures for my friends.


They’re a steal!