7 out of 8 different games I fought a Kraken


It sucks extra hard because I play Trapper 85% of the time. I feel useless in most games and just end up running for my life and dropping harpoons. Kraken should have gotten a temporary Debuff similar to the one Goliath got. Increasing the time it takes for stamina to return overall but only in combat. And then fix it when the next Title update happens. Which I am assuming won’t be until the T5 hunters come out just like last time.

Also if that really is the case and the next Real Patch happens at the same time as T5 release then I will be taking a sabbatical because it would mean we weren’t receiving finished content this whole time.


for me kraken is like 2/6 and goliath 3/6 and behemoth 1/6 but yeah kraken is not that fun to fight against and pretty much the most viable monster


They are fixing the Kraken so that CC controls him better. Although even with that fix Kraken is still a handful to deal with.

I will agree that I will be sad to see Tier 5s come out before everything (mostly bugs, balances can kinda wait) is fixed.

Although I believe 2K controls that area of the game.


People like to pick the stronger monsters. ^.^
It will change after he’s fixed most likely. And if it doesn’t change, he’s still going to be fixed. :smile:


Everytime I go into a game and see a Kraken doing it’s stupid hyperfast darting back and forth impossible to hit shit I just go idle and let him have his “fun”


I had no problems fighting kraken before! Even if I had to fight it a lot it’s just the cc issue.


That’s my issue. I think T5 is taking priority. I’ve read posts that say that there are two different teams, one that works on bugs and one that works on Hunters. But that didn’t stop them from releasing at the same time. And they won’t even give us a real window for the next Real Patch. It’s upsetting. I was trying to teach my brother how to play Trapper tonight but he quit after a few games against kraken.


Well if he really wants to learn first hand he needs to play AI (get a feel of the maps and the role) then playing against players won’t be so horrifying (unless you have a horrible Medic/Support/Assault).

To be honest though one section of a company shouldn’t put the others on hold BUT when new content is released it tends to cause more bugs and sometimes involve OP setups with a game like this.

Also with a game this complicated it’s bound to have issues all over the place and in numerous forms. While it is impossible these days to make a bug free game I must say that most companies back in the day did the smart thing and made games that were bug free upon release (due to lack of internet and updates) with extensive testing. Sure it’s unfair to make such a comparison between games of today and back when 2D images were the shiz due to the significant difference between them (as we see them today) but back then I’m sure game makers were like “How the hell do we get him to jump and break stuff by landing on them?” because it was something new.

Not sure where I’m going with this cuz it’s late and crap but really though… I’m as pissed as anyone else is about these bugs but it is to be expected these days with ANY new game. Frankly we just have to deal with it like the devs deal with our constant whining where the only pacifier comes in the form of a Nerf to anyone’s most hated character, a fix to the solution or free stuff. Can’t really win anywhere with everyone except the most difficult thing to do.

Got problems? Cool! So do I and everyone else that has ever lived! Just pass the time until the thing that will satisfy you finally comes along… weird things not included here.


But… but… It’s the meta guuuuys! Come on!

Currently the best you can do is to pick Griffin or Crow and just aim for their face.


Really tired of all this “soon” bullshit. I want to be able to play my fav monster Kraken. Then they constantly keep making big changes to behemoths roll making me just tired of dealing with it. Current state especially is just pure antifun. Just settle on something damnit! I’m not going to play a char with such frequent fundamental changes. I’m not a particularily good golith so my pick roster as monster is wraith. That’s it. Tired of it, it’s butchering variety something fierce.


Really? I’ve been seeing almost exclusively Wraith.


Yeah I do the same thing. I hate doing that, but there is just almost no point in trying anymore.


This game isn’t meant for the faint of heart.


cringe I can’t tell if you are joking or you sincerely said something so odd and out of place. Video games in general have nothing to do with heart.

“This chocolate ice cream isn’t for the faint of heart.”

“These shoes aren’t for the faint of heart.”

War is not for the faint of heart. This is a thread about a Monster that people recognize is broken.


Some video games are literally made to F with people, take the dark souls games for example.

that aside, the monster isn’t broken it is just notably stronger than the rest of the monsters for this short period of time. Once he’s nerfed then another monster will be “OP” and people will be complaining about how it is no fun to play against that monster again.

If you want real change for the game, then put in your complaints with serious evidence backing up your argument, and stop complaining every time they change something.


Short time is like 5+ weeks now he’s been broken. The Devs make snails look fast. They care more about their ocd complex with behemoths roll then they do gamebreaking bugs with kraken cancelling all cc against him amd taking away innate acceleration and the innate slows of his abilities.


Dark souls is just stressful to play. It is not scary. Also Evolve does not fall into that category of games.

It is not properly affected by CC and a semi skilled Kraken player can stay in the air for the entirety of combat. This isn’t a short period of time either. The game has been out for less than 3 months and more than 30% of that time Kraken has been this way. But out of curiosity how would you describe a Monster barely being affected by CC? It kinda ruin the whole aspect of Trapper combat.

[quote=“DrathDragoon33, post:15, topic:57449”]
If you want real change for the game, then put in your complaints with serious evidence backing up your argument, and stop complaining every time they change something.
[/quote] Why would I need to post evidence of something that the Devs recognize and the majority of the player base recognized save for a few mediocre Monster mains.

@MadArtillery loves Kraken and recognizes that he is an easy win.


In their defense it takes a lot of time to fix bugs. Not to mention fixing a bug often leads to more bugs popping up, which makes for a whole host of other things to fix.


I understand what you are saying, but you also need to realize that a lot of the issues you have with the kraken now are fundamentally the same as what ever one hated about the wraith.

And they will be fundamentally the same about the next “OP” monster in the current game’s meta. Obviously things need to be balanced more, but often one “fix” brings out another character’s strengths in comparison.


Except they had a working formula they could simply revert to as he was already the top tourny pick before they touched his movement. Instead of rerolling anything they just let us stew for well over a month now with no sign of anything even coming and it’s frustrating. I want my damn Kraken back.