[7.0 Patch List Speculation] Kraken BUFF, Wraith, Sunny and Torvald NERFS. BETA ELITE SKINS CONFIRMED!


We’ve been told that Kraken will get some love coming into the next patch but @Insane_521 and @macman didn’t want to go in to detail about the patch.

Maybe more love with movement or Vortex?

Sunny and Torvald NURFS INCOMING!

Known changes:



  • Kraken

  • Melee

  • Lightning Strike

  • Banshee mines

  • Wraith

  • Walking sound is now as loud as the other monsters.

    • Because being sneaky is OP.


  • Torvald

  • Mortar

    • Interval in between the mortar launch is slightly increased, this means that the damage doesn’t come down as big one burst but more gradually. Making them so that the monster has a slightly better chance of dodging some of it.
  • Sunny

  • Shield Drone

  • Capacity lowered to 730(was 800)

    • This makes it equal to Hank
  • The Minimum capacity before it starts shielding again has been raised to 300(was 200 or something)


It’ll still be a few Title Updates before they can get it it out but it’ll be worth the wait.

Question about the upcoming TU
Do you agree with underpowered Slim, a payed hunter

I don’t play Kraken so I can’t speak to whether it needs or doesn’t a patch. I rarely see him anymore or ever really but it seems like when I do he wrecks face.


He’s really rare now because he wasn’t as easy to used as before. XD


Sunny Nerf :heart_eyes::smile::smile::smile::smile: best news ever. Finally they do it and she deserves that so hard :+1:


When is Val getting nerfed already? D:


I like the news but I don’t like the torvald nerf, but I guess I don’t even know what the nerf is


Well the thing is nothing was said as it was, “EMET’s time to shine” so we only got little rid bits of what was coming but I am pretty sure that isn’t it.

I most certainly want to see her weakness of spread damage to come back.


Give Behemoth an easier time dealing with him instead of being an easy target sponge for your mortars.


Well I’m sticking with sunny no matter how hard they nerf her. I wonder how many people will switch back to hank after this patch.


Maybe a little love in traversal recharge, air speed or traversal burst. I doubt it will be much.

Why is Torvald getting nerfs? I thought he was fine.


I just love torvald and still remember when they nerfed home before


So is torvald changing or behemoth?


We don’t know the full extent of the patch, they’ve only talked about Sunny explicitly. Torvald was talked about when Behemoth got nerfed and Kraken was dropped last night.


I’m going to stick with Sunny forever but not as much as now, she’s like my BFF soul-mate.

Torvald. Probably to make his shotty better and make his Mortars a bit more balance for monsters like Behemoth and Wraith, she’s going into brawler territory so maybe some characters might need adjustments.


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I am thinking of Heavy Air attack and faster movement in flight for Kraken.
For Torvald I think of reduced damage multiplier for his shrapnell. (Mastery exchange from multiplier to duration and duration nerf maybe)
For Sunny we already know that it is lower shield capacity and higher minimum capacity before it can shield again.


@10shredder00 also Slim buffs incoming…

/jk lol jk, don’t kill me.

also #inb4TW


I swear to god if they touch Torvald I’m completely leaving this game. Try me.

I ruv yuh Torvald.


I know right?


Well Who cares about the god damn shield??? Nerf the stupid jpb