6v2 game mode


there should be a game mode where there is two monsters versus six hunters. only one monster can evolve to stage three while the other one starts out at stage two. for the hunters, since there are six that means that there will be two of a certain class. two medics, two trappers, two assaults, or two supports. and to balance it, when a hunter uses its class ability the other hunter in the same class cant use theirs.so if there are two medics and one uses its heal burst then the other has to wait until it recharges. same with the mobile arena, personal shield and invisibility.this mode will also give variety to the drop ship conversations because now hunters in the same class can talk to each other. this mode could also be nerfed in the future to limit the choices that the extra hunters have. this is because some combination of hunters can be deadly. for example; if you have markov, hyde, cabot, and kala then that could become op. a suggestion to avoid this would be to have pairs of hunters go together. so if somebody chooses to be the extra assault then the other extra has to be trapper and same thing with medic and support.this is a good game mode because this will allow monster players to work as a team and coordinate attacks and allow hunter players to come up with new strategies withe the extra hunters that they have.


@Plaff where are you when I need you?


No. Just no ;w;


I’m very sorry but this wouldn’t be plausible for a number of reasons.

  • The game is built and balanced around 4v1. Any more than 4v1 would not work and would cause extreme imbalance any way you slice it.

  • The dropship is built to drop four Hunters at a time, not six. Making it drop six full Hunters would require a dropship remodel or new animation, either way, a lot of work.

  • Including more dialogue for people of the same classes would greatly increase how many dialogues there are meaning a lot more recordings, a lot more HDD space, and a lot more problems.

  • The Monster stuck at S2 is likely to not have as much fun as the Monster that gets to experience the full S1 to S3 dynamic.

  • It would require a whole new lobby in general to search for six players.

Overall too many problems for it to work. The game doesn’t even have the playerbase to support more gamemodes and personally I think it’s in everyone’s best interest if we just, kept it at what we currently have.


Tbh, as others have pointed out, this would be extremely hard to balance


Another problem(correct me if im wrong) is that the game can only load one specific character per class in a match with a max of four hunters, meaning the closest thing you can get as far as more than one assault would be four lenox with no support, medic, or trapper. but you couldn’t have three lenox and a markov due to how matches are loaded. It works similarly for monsters.


You haven’t seen the all medics video have you?


I have not.


They did a all medics squad on stream once. Slim, Laz, Caira, and Val. They also did 4 Lennoxs.


Also, you can get 2 Monsters on 4 Hunters as of now. Do a custom game. Have 5 people. Start a match then have the observer back out. Right before you load into the map loading screen. Two Monsters should spawn.


Good to hear that the double monster thing is still reproducible.


Yeah, I’m glad it’s not fixed.