6th tier CONFIRMED (via implication)?


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According to this statement, Emet’s going to be the last ridiculous character for a while. That means the new support will be more of a normal character and after that…well, we don’t know what then. But if T5 was the last tier, he’d probably say “the last funny hero,” not “the last funny hero for a while.” Therefore, something must come after the new support. Therefore, ILLUMINATI I MEAN T6 CONFIRMED.


You’re using the words of Matthew. See the problem there?


Could just be referring to the confirmed adaptations.


But adaptations would still be the same character.


And don’t have new dialogue really.

He could also mean until the support comes out?


I took it to mean that “a little while” was measured in hunter releases. Otherwise, that kind of thing could be applied to any of these characters. I.e. “Gorgon will be the last monster to kill people for a little while.”


Not funny does not mean normal. She (I assume) could be creepy, nasty, disgusting, arrogant, silent… There is a lot she could be other than funny.

Also, she could be funny, but not a hero…


That’s outside the point. She’s not going to be funny, and “a little while” implies that the no-humor period will come to an end at some point. Therefore, a 6th tier is likely, and it will likely include at least one funny character. Be awesome if it was the monster…


You’re looking too far into things. I’m pretty sure he means nothing by that and if he does than it’s something among the lines of:

“We don’t know what the future holds so who knows if we’ll ever have another comedical character or no new characters what-so-ever.”


stahp ur crushin muh dreams


Maybe you shouldn’t look so far into things and raise your hopes so high :stuck_out_tongue:


They could but then again eh depends on the future plus it would have to be another character who functioned similar to jack…


Why would he have to be similar to Jack?


Hmmm somebody should tag @Matthew or @MacMan
Hmmm… Anybody got balls to do it?


going down the trapper tier line tier 1 and tier 2 main way to constrict movement harpoons. tier 3 and 4 stasis. tier 5 jack repulsion beam


Nope. Nobody. Especially not anyone with a Goliath icon with hair and lipstick…


That picture got a name ;_;

Momma Goli - a strong independent woman


well we have confirmation on 5 adaptations to get release sometime after T5 support. even while seperating them out, thats nearly another 6 months of content. then add T3 (albiet not confirmed but probably, that could be another 6 months which puts us at the 2 year anniversary. then theres the possibility of T4 and T5 adaptation (albiet also unknown) which can add another year of content. toss in a “possible” tier 6 somewhere in there…

we’re looking at a possible 40 hunters and 10 monsters not including “tier 6” by the 3 year anniversary.

this excludes any possible maps and modes that may be done too.

As long as TRS has our support, i think Evolve will be fine. just having a rough start xD

edit: theres also the possibility of having MULTIPLE ADAPTATIONS for the same hunter. like 3 different markovs. 0.o


You’re optimistic, I’ll give you that.


you need optimistic people to keep new genre’s/games alive. if people weren’t optimistic about LoL, Dota then they may not of been around the 6 years they have been. Hell, even runescape is still around