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Me and my friend’s were sitting around your game Evolve, and were discussing what we’d like to see for a sixth monster for your game. We came up with the idea of a crossover between the manticore and a griffin. It would be/have:
• The alpha of the creatures, not just the monsters but the other animals as well.
•The head and wings of a bird, tail that ended in a multitude of barbs, and the body of a lion.

The beast’s abilities would reflect the fact it was the alpha, and some of the abilities we’ve come up with are as follows.
•The ability for creatures to ignore you. The first upgrade being little creatures, the second being birds and passive beasts, the third being the large beasts like the tyrant. This would be a continuously used ability that didn’t have a limit.
• The ability to call all nearby passive or angered beasts to your side through a bone chilling roar. The range and strength(size of the beasts called) would increase thought upgrades.
• The ability to summon carnivorous plants through the spikes on it’s tail being shot at the ground. The amount of shots available would increase with upgrades(like the Kraken’s banshee mines).
• The last ability would be for the other creatures to give away the location of the hunters within their range. This would be upgraded so that the other creatures would follow the hunters for extended periods of time.

The monster’s dash could be where the wings would uncurl toward the head in a spiked fashion and then thrust backwards propelling the beast forward. When dashing towards the air the monster would glide slowly downward. It’s sneak would be like a lions prowl and it’s sneak attack would be to pounce, then bash it’s tail into the creature it is attacking.

The health would be lower than the Goliath’s, but not as low as the Gorgon’s or Wraith’s. The shield we feel should be as high as the Behemoth’s.

If you’ve gotten this far in the topic, thank you for your time. If this becomes a thing we would loved to be included, if allowed. Have a great rest of your weekend, and please keep doing what you’re doing.

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