6 Games in a row vs Kraken with CDR


Anyone want to guess the outcome?

[REDACTED] was his name, and CDR was his game. He managed to “strategically” snag it within the first 1.5 minutes of every game.

Is there any chance we can just remove all buffs from the game and just rebalance as necessary since they aren’t fun and offer nothing to the enjoyment of the game? Then again, I’m pretty sure that the entire population of remaining monster players would quit instantly, since it seems that is the only kind of player left playing this game. You should have heard this guy after the matches.

It’s just getting worse every day. This game is quickly becoming unenjoyable as the high-level monster meta has sunk in and everyone plays them the exact same way. Maybe it’s my time to play something else. Anyone else been thinking this lately?

Edit by MidnightRoses- We do not endorse the “name and shame game” as it were. Refrain from doing so without explicit consent. Apologies.

Wildlife buffs, my main issue

If everyone plays monster the same why haven’t the hunters found the counter?


Yeah let’s just remove a crucial part of the game because some weeb needs to git gud


Top tier player here. There actually isn’t a counter right now to a CDR Kraken. You can’t CC them down, and they are massively bursty. Like a pre-nerf Wraith, with the same knockbacks and stuns. So to answer you, there isn’t a counter to denying a buff when you start 30 seconds later in the game:D


Redacted. Pretty sure I played some games with him earlier. Was communicative and we had some fun games when he was hunter. Close games when he was Kraken.

Try not to use the forums to call out individuals.


now now, balance take time my friend.


I dont recall a first name and I dont see anything wrong with calling out people who are relentlessly abusive of a clearly imbalanced game mechanic. Call it fair play if you want, the rest of us know better. These people cannot win without their precious buff and it amuses me to inform others as such.


Isn’t CDR buff a random spawn? How could he get it 1 min into every game?


Man, some of us play Evolve way to much. But seriously? The spawn location is random, but there are only 1-4 set spawn locations. That’s they key.


MacMan earlier today in the micropatch thread was like “A lot of people are winning with Kraken right now because of exploits.” Part of it is that his flying is kinda glitchy since the big 2.0 update, CC doesn’t work on him the way it’s supposed to, and he has these ability-melee-pounce combos that shorten or negate animations - and this is on top of him already being really powerful and capable of mitigating huge amounts of damage. For the longest time Krakens have been pubstomping by hunting for specific buffs at the start of a match and engaging in early stages, just hanging at the top of a dome, zigzagging around like morons & raining death with his flying melee attack, which really acts as a free 5th ability with long-range knockback and interrupting revives.


Just follow a path from the initial spawn to each major buff spawn. Hunters can try to do the same if they’re coordinated but you’ll always get there first as a Monster and get the buff if you want it.


Oh trust me, I’ve been keeping up on the Kraken posts from the Devs. Glad to know they finally admitted he has issues(saw that same post you were talking about). Glad they consider them exploits to, because it is clearly hurting the game on a dare I say, monstrous level. Every time my team beats a Kraken now though, we sure feel like bloody heroes of Shear.


They are played that way specifically BECAUSE it is either hard or impossible to counter. That’s what the meta game is all about. CDR(and other buffs to a lesser extent) present one of the largest issues this game currently faces. Every monster who would rather win the easy way as opposed to putting forth any amount of effort is going to begin the game by running directly to the nearest pack of mammoth birds, followed by running to the next nearest pack. I’ve seen this happen countless times in the last couple weeks and it creates an immediately one-sided match. It is a serious issue that makes the game anything but enjoyable.

As ChaserRacer says, there is no countering it considering the fact that the monster has a HUGE upper hand both in beginning the game first as well as traversing and hunting for the buff quickly. It’s just too easy and not respectable in any way.


I don’t appreciate my thread being edited because you are uncomfortable with calling out players who wish to relentlessly abuse a knowingly imbalanced system. It is a shameful act and they should be shamed for it. I am giving the respectable members of the community a heads up by letting them know that if they come across this player they can expect him/her to abuse this mechanic, resulting in a game that is extremely unlikely to be enjoyable for anyone other than the monster.

Sorry, but I find it disgusting that anyone would willingly protect such players from those who wish to enjoy a fair game.


The CC is due to an accidental bug and should be gone soon.


That doesn’t change the fact that an easy-to-find buff takes a stage 1 Kraken from being at a disadvantage to a massive advantage, while making a stage 2 Kraken essentially a flying death machine.


A good monster/hunter (Yes, i mean hunter as well ) players will secure/deny the buffs in early game. This is the strategy, ( in public game ). The route mostly the same, maybe some difference, but not much, and it varies based on your tactic/strategy you want to play.

So based on what you said, 6 (SIX) time in a role, monster get CDR in 90secs (1 1/2 mins )
Even there are places in map which has packs of mammoths, it does not guarantee a buff.

The only map i feel most easiest to get is Barracks, unless ure playing Barracks for 6 consecutive game,which it think not,( or in custom game )


It’s not about what I am uncomfortable with. The moderators themselves have stated multiple times that naming and shaming is not encouraged. Whether or not I agree with this rule is inconsequential. Don’t take out your aggression on me for doing what is expected of me because you lost in a video game.

You can take that up with the mods and the Community Manager.


@Gosukusan Yo man, off topic here. But have you seen the new exploit while evolving? I know you keep up to date on Evolve like me, don’t know if we’ve fought on the top tier though=P But your info is usually solid, even if people don’t understand it. But just played against the particular exploit and woah, that was rough.


I’m not taking anything out on anyone. I have much better things to do than to be angry about this for more than 5 minutes. I have 500 other games I could be playing and plenty of work to get done. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that I feel it is rude to edit someone’s thread for naming a player which will undoubtedly continue to make games unenjoyable for most people that come across him/her. They have a right to know and I would be more than happy to take it up with both the mods and Community Managers. These people are ruining the game and, while they aren’t entirely to blame, they can easily avoid abusing this broken mechanic.


I’m actually not sure what you’re referring to. I’ve been trying to keep up to date on things but haven’t managed to get in many games over the last few days due to my team being absent. Playing a hunter in Evolve at level 40 with pubs who don’t own mics or are too socially awkward to use them is not my idea of a good time lol

But no, I haven’t noticed anything unusual as of late.


I agree. I think buffs need to be scaled down, removed or reworked. I never said that abusing the broken buffs was acceptable, and I never said I sanctioned such behavior.

Then do so. But until one of them tells me that naming and shaming is allowed I shall continue to edit out instances of it.

Quite frankly, that’s not my concern. If you think it is rude then I apologize, that was not my intention. But I have been instructed- as well as the rest of the leaders- that naming and shaming is not acceptable as of yet.