6 Basic Suggestions - Good Stuff We All Can Agree On


[1] Character Info / Store In The [Left Trigger Menu].
-When selecting your character, if you pick quickly in the time left waiting for everyone to select (The 2 minute count down) it would be nice to be able to read character abilities (Like the loading screens) and or browse character skins / weapon skins.

[2] Store Organization
-It would be nice to be able to see the skins available on a per character basis. Right now the store items feel like they are in random order and is confusing to browse through.

-It is hard to say what to do to leavers there are many pros and cons. It seems in general the community does not want to play with any bots if possible so if people leave before the game starts find new players to slot in or rejoin matchmaking. {I’m personally in the camp of punishing people who quit because wrong class or can’t properly schedule 15 minutes of their day, don’t want to fight monster X etc. but rejoining is a faster more friendly item that can be used immediately without issues.}

[4]Badge Color Clarity
-I have no idea how to unlock colors for badges. Some info somewhere would be nice.

[5] Pounce / Stealth
-This isn’t explained very well. I can’t seem to pounce on hunter but I’m pretty sure it is because I’m doing it wrong. Some tutorial or reference page could help. (This is likely covered in Adv Tutorials on their way.)

[6] Map Orientation
-Spawning from monster or out of the drop ship it feels like the map is upside down and is really confusing. Your instint is usually go forward and on the map you are traveling down. It just feels so odd and is hard to read.


4 and 5 definitely, i ad to hunt down through YouTube to try and find a tutorial on how to stealth pounce and I’m tired of green hearts. Give me black damn it.


I agree with every point (maybe not the 3) but I’m mostly looking for the first and second point :slight_smile:


Haha, yeah. I’m sure I could find out by looking but the if I’m lost I’m sure there are others and hopefully others can benefit if they implement it.

Also adding number 6 I forgot.


Agree with all except 3.


Just wondering why people don’t agree with 3. Perhaps you guys can elaborate.

Seems like every time someone leaves before the game starts, the rest of the player also leave. I’m assuming to re queue. So instead if someone leave it would make sense just to plug one more guy in?

I think so anyway.


How often do the devs check the suggestions?


Timers are in ranked if I remember…