[6.0]Support Balance(poll)


Last one, I promise. (for a while at least)
Hank :hank:

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Bucket :bucket_cute:

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Cabot :cabot_cute:

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Sunny :sun_with_face:

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Why would anyone think that Hank is UP? I think the way he is currently is perfect.

I feel that Bucket was hurt the most from the new update. Three turrets is not enough to play the area denial game that he was known for.


Yeah, I don’t like playing Bucket as much. They shoot farther now but his damage isn’t as great as before. I played Abe for the first time since patch today, I don’t mind only having three Stasis Grenades at all. Or having Maggie’s three Harpoons even, you’d rarely have five down anyways if you’re spamming them and the Mobsters hitting them. Griffins sound spikes got buffed quite a bit, but I think Bucket needs a slight damage increase in his turrets. Not to much since three are easier to maintain than five, but giving them a little more range, and damage would be nice. Maybe just an increased fire rate.


^ this

And also Cabot needs faster fire rate and a bit higher damage on his Rail Cannon to make him ballanced.


Agreed. It’s not even his Rail Cannon’s damage that I miss, it’s the utility of denying feeding. I would take a slight damage reduction in it in exchange for a 20-25% quicker reload. Right now if you miss a shot that Monster can eat a bar of armor.


Hank has been through more nerfs than anyone, enough already. He is definitely UP now his laser cutter needs a buff and his orbital does as well. Everything on him has been nerfed but its not surprising seeing how hunters have been getting destroyed lately with nerfs.


Like where though? Telemetry says 50/50ish and I’m sure hunters are fine in high level, I don’t think anything has been going on but the Gentlemen’s League and I haven’t been keeping up to date with it(has it even started?).

Hank is in an appropriate spot. His damage was too high. Nerfing supports is how we balance the game overall(hunter v montser). I think the only support to good is Sunny, but that really depends on where Val is going.


Photo creds to @Donut.



He’s a ps4 player and I think a majority of the ps4 players are the ones that demand nerfs on monsters and buffs on hunters, but I could be wrong.

@chrono you should create a poll around which needs nerfs or buffs for both sides also including within the poll what console your on or if you play pc, these numbers can be very helpful for solving this console crysis.

i’m not trying to start a flame war okay, i’m just wanting numbers and results.


I know you’re making a joke with Kala… but you shouldn’t get OP ideas into people’s heads. We know that there will be 100 OP threads on the hour of release anyway.


Fair point. But I’d ask you to ease up. That’s what people said about gorgon but there are more “gorgon is balanced” threads than OP ones.


I don’t think there would be any “Gorgon is balanced” threads if there were no “Gorgon is OP” threads. Because otherwise, why do they need to get the point across? People make “Gorgon is balanced” threads so all of the “Gorgon is OP” threads don’t get Wraithed.


My poor sentries, they’re so lonely and weak T_T


Why is everyone so convinced Cabot is bad >.>


Specially after every other support got nerfed. Cabot is not THAT UP, just a tad, like a real small one. Really though the others need to be on his level.


He’s not bad, in fact he is my favorite support in the game. I can easily get over 15k damage with the railcannon but I only get about 5k damage with the damage amp. I don’t think they are saying he’s bad, he just needs the amp up to par with something like sunny’s nuke.


The amp is up to par if you can time it well with your assault.


Personally I’ve never been able to get over 7k bonus damage with the amp but that’s just me. And the averages you see after every match would tell you Sunny’s mini nuke and Bucket’s turrets are a better source of damage. But then again averages include trash players who can’t use a character to full potential.