[6.0] Bucket

Bucekt seems to have been hit hard. What do you guys think? A discussion about bucket’s balance.


So long bucket, and may you see a return of sentries 4 and 5



Continuing the discussion from Patch 6.0.1 Notes:

Of all the hunters with deployables I would expect Bucket to have been hit the hardest.

I was surprised not to see a damage increase on the sentries, and I was definitely surprised to see the throw distance reduced. However I tried to play a couple of rounds of Bucket and anecdotally I don’t think it makes that much difference. He’s almost certainly damaging less, but I think the absolute 40% potential being lost is a bit of a fallacy. The main things that plague bucket still plague bucket, and that will always determine games much more than his sentry damage.

That range increase is nice though.


They should have nerfed Sunny and Hank down with him. That would probably single handedly make the game less hunter favoured.

They did if i remember correctly.

it WOULD make the game less hunter favored. Supports do a lot man. Really they just got to make every support as useful as Bucket was in 5.0 and it would probably balance the game, most likely make it monster favored.

Well, Hanks damage. That doesnt really change the power of defensive comps.

You guys need to remember this…

Bucket was… and remember this is Hunt, not Arena, not Defend… worth two Hanks in terms of damage, an extra Abe’s shotgun on the field. He was only about 500 damage off of Lennox!

So damage reduction was necessary (even though he is an offensive comp, and should deal more damage than Hank or Sunny, he’s an area denial support first and foremost. Cabot is the indirect damage support).

Next thing is to look at the deeper realities of the defensive vs offensive supports, not damage output :slight_smile:


How about Cabot level. I really feel that Support’s dont need too much power since they already have the cloak, which is a game changing ability.

Eh i did fight a online bucket as Gorgon but he placed his turrents close by each other to which i hit them like flies when he had them spread out he had a chance but due to the fact i was in predator mode…everyone on his team couldn’t save themselves (val,griffin, and lennox)

3 turrets kind of takes away his area denial though. You can destroy those instantly.


But if you really want to make someone area denial you bump up the damage and lower the range(explain if I’m wrong). They did the opposite.

exactly …

Yeah, and you can reset them pretty easily too. Meanwhile the monster isn’t attacking a hunter, bonus :slight_smile:

The deployable change was, as stated on stream I think, to stop it being that some hunters just spent their time spamming deployables, and monsters don’t feel like they’re fighting them all the time instead of the hunters. 5 turrets could cover the entirety of a dome. That’s not area denial, that’s bringing down the pain. If you put 5 sentries down in one spot and got the monster to fight there you had insane damage, if you put 3 of the new sentries down properly and get the monster to fight there you’re doing no worse than if you were doing full on dome area coverage with 5… do you see what I mean?

The point I was trying to make is that by being an area denial support, he shouldn’t just be out and out damaging… he should be thinking about which areas he wants to deny.


I actually think that reducing the turrets from 5 to 3 was a good adjustment. Playing as bucket often meant just spamming turrets and playing against bucket often meant taking out spammed turrets. But not increasing the damage of each turrets, even a relatively small amount (say 20%) was unconscionable. A good bucket player had 5 turrets out at once and often got a majority of their damage from their turrets. Taking that number down to 3 nerfed him into the ground.

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At least this might make it so Bucket is no longer a Defend god, since his turrets are now better for easy movement and worse for being stationary.

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Btw, since he only has 3 turrets I feel like we should make names for them :smiley:

Bucket’s new throw distance😡

I’m glad Bucket is still “Bucket” though!!