5v5's anyone?


Is there a way to have two simultaneous games going with 5 person team against another 5 person team? For example Red team and Blue team each have 4 who main the hunters and 1 who mains the Monster. If the Red team wins as hunters but lose as Monster which means (Blue team loses as Monster and wins as Hunter). That could count as a tie for both. But if Red loses as both hunters and Monster, it would count as a win for Blue and vice versa. I can see that this concept can create some big MLG - type teams.


Well…That’s how tournaments are being held lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Now about in-game i dunno.I guess if you have a team and want to practise vs another team you simply make 2 custom lobbies and do that :slight_smile:


Can’t you just run two games at the same time and screencap the result?


Kind of missing the point lol. I meant at the SAME time.


The problem is that there wouldn’t be a system to calculate the win/loss.


Do you really have such huge trouble calculating it yourself? Because I don’t.


I am talking about a legitimate ranked team system. If you are you a competitive gamer I think you would see what I mean.


Uhhh, you might want to cut down on such statements. You don’t know me, and it might come as a surprise that I am a competetive player of a little game called ‘Evolve’.

Ranked matches are a thing to be looked into and added later, if you’re asking for that. Devs said so. These won’t consider 5v5 though, as the game’s matchmaking is made for 4v1.

Format of competetive games doesn’t require the devs to add another complex team system into the game. Custom games and our own brains are way beyond enough.


It wasn’t an attack no need to get offended…

However, whatever we say won’t really matter in the end at least significantly in this aspect. We will have to wait and see what they will bring to the table for ranked games.


I think a manual calculation is fine. I’d do it…