5th Tier Monster Speculation

So we all know the 5th monster is some sort of bug. And many of us seem to believe it to be a newer variation of the Host; being a creature that spawns little parasites to fight for it. Well originally, after watching the hunting season 2 teaser, I decided this wasn’t the case. This was due to the monster’s apparently small size. It just doesn’t look like something parasites would be sticking on to… But then I watched the trailer for the 5th time and I realized something. That big stinger on its thorax is not a stinger at all. If you watch it closely (in the teaser) you’ll see it open up like a beak or pincer. So this has lead me to believe it is new version of the host and that it will spawn its minions out of its rear.

And now for some more speculation: Until now the Wraith has been the smallest monster, and has had the lowest health and armor. Since this new monster appears to be even smaller, I wonder if it will have even less health and NO armor. Meanwhile, I think it could be the only monster to be capable of regenerating health through one of its abilities. I also think that its parasites might be used to turn corpses into zombies.

Any thoughts?

We have no way to know how big/small the monster is. Just saying.

Yeah no.
If it has less health than Wraith, that’s fine.
Less health and no armor means that getting caught in a dome once is basically the end for you.

One of these threads again…

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It’s extremely small. It’s very obvious as it looks Hunter sized from being so humanoid-esc. It has to be.

Ill just leave this here…


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