5th tier monster release date speculation

Monster?.. this month maybe

Any leads? Or proof or theories that hold this up?

I am gonna go with Halloween on the release date. It seems the most logical since Trapper will most likely be revealed at Gamescom, and it takes time for any new info on a character, also why wouldn’t you have a very spooky monster come out on the spookiest time of the year :smile:


We have no real evidence of when the monster will be released, but I doubt it will be the next thing we get. We are more likely to receive new hunters. I’m guessing at the earliest we will see it after the next hunter is released, as the latest we will get it after every single tier 5 hunter.

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Well the monster could be released in holloween but we would be waiting a couple months for the monster then and what if all of them were released this month just saying so don’ flip out.

He was just curious to why you would think it would be this month, is all. Far more likely at this point that they would take longer, given the releases thus far (IE, Lenny and that’s it for what… about 2 months now?)

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t complain if they were this month, but without a source of information supporting it, it’s merely wishful thinking :wink:

Ya I know but I wasn’tsaying he was flipping out but just saying don’tflipout afterwerds (I know I spelled that wrong)

I would guess hunter at games on, followed by either monster at Halloween, or the monster could well be last. Personally, I’d love to see more than 1 out at a time so I can actually play them :stuck_out_tongue:

I can see the monster being revealed at PAX Prime maybe?

if we get the monster at last im putting down this game

Well that’d be a dumb thing to do, you wouldn’t be able to play once you got it and you’d waste all that money


I just hope we don’t have to wait for the monster too long.

I want monster to be the third


Tomorrow 100% CONFIRMED.



Monster release in next hour confirmed! The troll train has no brakes xD

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I swear I saw this exact thread a few weeks ago… Damn de ja vu.


Deja vu right…?

Well, don’t you think that with this Hunt 2.0 , all the balance concerning Tier 5 and fifth monster delayed them ? Like a lot ?

I think the official answer is “not soon enough ;-;”

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I doubt the monster is coming this month seeing as they traded a new hunter’s voice clips. I’m thinking trapper will be announced this week at gamescon. And I’m betting, as well as hoping, that the monster is last.

I want monster either last or third