5th tier monster is "chilling"


Next Monster monster revealed

Just look at those demonic eyes


Scorpion? Possible


Who knows maybe the 5th monster would be scorpid except more icy or maybe The Host


I hope that the tier five monster is The Host. It could be interesting to see how the devs could have expanded off of the concept that they had going.


chilling is another word for creepy


I really like the first concept art of the parasite/host:

I feel they could take this concept, rework the abilities and make a new monster out of it.

The devs say that this concept was


I was about to say that...


I think that would bring the creepy a bit to much lets just keep with this

but changing that jaw its just a bit too creepy


It's jaw is perfect, I have never seen anything better than that jaw.
Just look at its....umm.....teeth?
And.....its gums?


That early concept does seem a bit more interesting. I like the idea of there being a monster starting of human sized and then growing from there. It would have been uniqe to play as or against something like that.


The Host just looks to out there for me. They all look somewhat believable with the Behemoth pushing it just a bit.

I would like to have them stay in the realm of monstrous but still looking believable in that they all look like they could exist in some capacity.


Where does Maggie mention Behemoth and The Host?


The original Goliath, A.K.A Scorpid used to start off man-sized and by stage 3 was about 25 feet tall.


Maggie mentions leaving Factor with two monsters. One that was made of Rock (99% sure it's Behemoth) and another "That makes other Monsters". Whether this refers to the 5th monster, an unknown future monster, or some egg layer is unknown at this time.

Makes other monsters can mean many things. Clones, eggs, minions, parasites etc...


I heard Maggie and Lazarus talk. Laz said maybe there is a monster like me that "brings back its minions from the dead". Zombies confirmed.


Laz says he HOPES that they don't learn from him. MUCH different than confirmation. That being said, the next Tier of monster makes sense to counter the previous Tier. T3 Monster would Evolve from T2 Hunters...


What about Kraken though? That doesnt make sense. banshee mines are crap vs Markov. Though it can be argued that Banshee mines were inspired by Arc Mines but what the hell.

Kraken is the OP king among Monsters currently anyways.




This thing?


yes smile