5th tier monster is "chilling"


I was watching a video on 5th monster speculation. One of the comments stated a dev has said they have seen the 5th monster and it is chilling. Supposedly when asked if this was a reference to ice, they denied hints.
I’m not asking for hints, just asking to see if this is true.
Good day.

New Hunter Dialogue Suggests New Monsters

I think you’re on to them 0-0


There may or may not be truth to this :slight_smile: Although I have my own information :stuck_out_tongue:


No!..don’t give subtle hints.
We must know!!!


Ok. No subtle hints.


Wait, that doesn’t mean no hints in general…


If you guys want to find out more about Monsters and find your own “Tips” you should Lurk moar on the forums. Shit pops up all the time part of it’s luck others are reading between the lines.


Apparently a conversation involving Griffin mentions a “living glacier” which is about 20m tall. Though the talk makes it seem more like regular wildlife on another planet, not a Monster.




I love these types of threads FYI


Maybe we could finally be able to blind the hunters with snow and trap them in ice.


If we freeze a Hunter in the air and they drop would they shatter/take damage? :smiley: The anti-jetpack monster :smiley:


Anti-jet pack.
That is something we need.
Would its transversal method be some sort of ice slide?


I’m fine if the Orion Terrorsaur has Ice abilities. :wink:


A true CC Monster. Hunter players everywhere would complain, while Monster players would cheer.

It would certainly be interesting.


The Tradeoff would be less damage. We already saw Behemoth do more base damage at the expense of mobility, just do the opposite with Gotcha instead with CC.


Maybe it could be our small monster!
I could picture a man sized stage one, red eyed icicle monster with mantid appendages and icicle knives everywhere.


Oh God, but they just took out auto aim! The Hunters would never hit it!!!


If it really is some sort of ice monster and we have another name competition,
Dibs on frostbite.


When I hear “chilling” I don’t think of ice. Chilling implies something out of a horror movie and damn, do I hope the next Monster is the stuff of nightmares.